The Impending Demise Of The Migos Of Suburban North Atlanta

The Impending Demise Of The Migos Of Suburban North Atlanta

The Impending Demise Of The Migos Of Suburban North Atlanta


Quavo’s Huncho project signified the beginning of the end for the Nawfside Migos of suburban Atlanta. I’m not going to front like I wanted to listen to the project. The homies told me I couldn’t share my opinion until I did, so ultimately I decided to torture myself and listen to the album in its entirety. To say I was thoroughly unimpressed would be putting it nicely. Those songs are wildly average and should only be enjoyed by NBA rookies and the pubescent hoopers that frequent the Migos’ Instagram comments. This project is the musical equivalent to Oatmeal without brown sugar. What’s even more upsetting is what the album’s release represents.


Now listen, I’m not talking about the Migos falling off the map in the manner Travis Porter did before them. If you aren’t hip to Travis Porter’s flame running out, here’s a quick synopsis. During the early 2010s, when the real 4lokos were being consumed at an all-time high (I was literally drinking two every night the first few weeks of my freshman year of college) they had every high school and college campus rockin’ with a myriad of Paul Masson-influenced hits from Ayy Ladies to Bring it Back, Sexy Girl Anthem, You Don’t Know Bout That etc. After they took the leap of faith and embarked on solo careers, everything went downhill as Ali, Strap and Quez fell into the musical abyss, only to be heard from again as featured guests on hip hop projects generally no one gave a damn about. Let’s have a quick moment of silence. They gave us dozens of ratchet anthems that put many of us in risk of catching public intoxication charges and we should be forever grateful.


Back to Tres Amigos. The demise shall be gradual, but there are several factors that will keep them from suffering the same fate as Travis Porter -- Atlanta’s original three-man megagroup. For one, they are actually a group of talented lyricists, who other than Quavo, can hold their own on individual songs -- though it may only be for two minutes at a time. They also scored residencies in Vegas, became mainstays in NBA promos and captivated a worldwide fan base through their swaggerless yet expensive clothing choices, lingo and dare I say…..Drip. Shit, that pained the hell out of me to type, S/o to Sauce Walka for actually caring about getting credit for the term. With that being said, their musical relevance should last about two more years, as we are (and I’m not sure who we is referring to) still awaiting solo projects from Takeoff -- the group’s most skilled lyricist --  Offset -- the group’s most talented songmaker -- and should be due for at least two more rushed albums that will most likely share the overused Culture title.


Another advantage involves the genius of Offset -- let’s start out with a round of applause. Now, this is my humble opinion, but any man worth his salt is looking for a woman who is equally if not more talented than he is. With Cardi B, the man hit the jackpot. It’s no secret that Cardi is a natural star, whose bloom to superstardom rivals that of 50 Cent’s in the early 00s. Not only will she be around forever thanks to her magnetic personality and brilliance, she’ll keep the Migos somewhat relevant musically with guest features and the power that comes with being associated with the new Queen of Hip Hop aka Trap Selena. By impregnating Belcalis Almanzar, the man basically signed himself up for the male version of spousal support. This is a prime investment, which actually deserves a second round of applause. 18 years, my ziggan. How many times do men get to brag about 18-year investments?


Since we all get a chance to tune into the demise of the DAB Family, let’s at least give thanks to the trio for their contributions to the game. They birthed a style of rapping with their cadence. Helped transform trappers and scammers across the world’s wardrobe choices. They even started a host of trends that the world gravitated toward for at least a season or two. All in All, shout out to the Migos of suburban North Atlanta. May their contributions be forever held in the heart of Hip Hop lovers for eternity. Goodnight and Goodluck.