4MP Artist Shoutout: YNW Melly

Birthed from the belly of Young Thug’s musical genius is YNW Melly, a slick-talkin’, choppa-wavin’ monster who’ll either serenade you with a gangsta’s lullaby or nonchalantly explain to you how he plans to destroy his opponents and everyone in association. Gifted with an elite skill set, the Gifford, Florida native paints crystal clear pictures of violence, love and street life, combining the versatility and range to hop on just about any beat with a delivery and flow that changes as much as much as the climate in Texas. Melly’s music began making waves throughout Flawda while being incarcerated  for the majority of 2017. Upon his release, he’s been en fuego, dropping “Melly the Menace,” “Virtual (Blue Balenciaga),” “Slang that Iron” and “Whodie” -- very similar to Thug’s “Best Friend.” I’ll tell you right now, dude is destined for stardom. The Gunshine State got another one.



Melly The Menace

Virtual (Blue Balenciagas)



Slang That Iron


Twitter: @YNWMelly

Instagram: @ynw.melly