Next Up:  Five Female Rappers On The Rise

Megan Thee Stallion

“If you fuckin with me then you fuckin with the best. If he say he a dog then imma treat him like a pet.”


Perhaps the most pervasive lie plaguing women who rap is the idea that overtly sexual female rappers are one dimensional. With her debut album Tina Snow, Houston native Megan Thee Stallion defies this falsehood time and time again. She’s a rule giving and firm handed Madame on Neva. Goes from sultry and demure with Cognac Queen to full on dominatrix with Big Ole Freak. From the beginning of Tina Snow to its end, Megan shows she’s multifaceted not only in lyrical content but in style as well. She plays with melodies, flows and arranges them perfectly to create great music on top of delivering impressive raps. If you have yet to hear a track by Houston’s hottest Hot Girl, I suggest starting with her 2017 single Stalli (Freestyle), the aggressive delivery and slick wordplay should be more than enough to get you interested and looking for more. Scouts honor.


Instagram - @theestallion




“Clout? it don't mean shit to me. All these poppin hoes just losers with an Instagram degree. They could never fuck with me”


Equal parts Gucci Mane and La Chat, Bbymutha has garnered the attention of industry legends like Bjork and newcomers alike. The Tennessee native flows effortlessly over eerie and sinister sounding beats throughout her most recent project, Free Britnee. With lyrics like “The roaches in my crib said what’s gucci bitch? Come and get me”  Bbymutha takes no issue with genuinely and unapologetically gutta. What may come across as tawdry to some listeners is particularly refreshing in an industry that tends to value and promote “carefree/unapologetic black girl” aesthetics, while denigrating the progenitors of said aesthetic. As for song recommendations, I’m going with Serious and Lil Bitch.


Instagram - @bbymutha



Tierra Whack

“I’m always right, it’s legible. Imma let ‘em know that all these rap niggas is edible.”


Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Missy Elliot, Noname. The lineage of quirky, black woman rappers is reviving itself with Tierra Whack. Between streaming platforms and social media, it’s easier than ever for artists to get their work out there and be heard. Far gone are the days of spending hours outside concerts distributing physical copies of your most recent mixtape or mass mailing industry executives your tape. The flip side to this, is that artists (especially ones who happen to be women) have to work even harder to distinguish themselves from everyone else for their work to really have an impact. Tierra has not only distinguished herself but with her debut album, Whack’s World, she has released the most genre-pushing piece of work this year. The 15 minute long album is comprised of just as many songs, each 1 minute long. Whack is essentially teasing us. She wants you to want more on every single track knowing good and goddamn well the only place you will actually find more is in the abstract film that accompanied her project. If you have not heard of this superstar in the making, I would suggest beginning with her film (which you can find on YouTube) but if you’re looking for something shorter and less demanding of your senses, then Hookers is the ideal place to start.  


Instagram - @tierrawhack



Lady Leshurr

“Free throw on 'em, Dwayne Wade on the gyally. Um, that's a 3-second violation. Airball and my team stay annihilating” *


The strange mix of abrasiveness and whimsy that marks Grime music finds its way into virtually all of UK MC, Lady Leshurr’s work. She rhymes effortlessly over dancehall/afrobeats and plays with accents in a way that is reminiscent of the early and more animated days of Nicki Minaj’s career. In fact, I would go so far as to say much of the animation and character work that distinguishes Nicki’s early work has been refined within Leshurr’s. For those of you who still aren’t hip, I would start with her Chun Li freestyle which you can find on Nicki’s Instagram. It’s the perfect introduction to her storytelling skill and ability to effortless switch between flows and accents. The most impressive part? She wrote and spit the whole thing while recovering from dental surgery.

*you’re going to have to read it in a Black British accent for this to hit you the way it should


Instagram - @imladyleshurr



Maliibu Miitch

“Never let a nigga see you sweat cuz all they wanna do is see a real bitch stress.”


Of all the women on this list Maliibu Miitch is the most reminiscent of her predecessors. She hails from the Bronx and you can hear it in her voice and harsh delivery. Despite this, she manages to avoid the pitfalls that certain other Bronx rap girls fall into. More specifically, she does not allow her harsh voice and husky tone to overpower tracks to the point where it's impossible to discern what flow, if any is being used. You’ve most likely seen her videos on platforms like Twitter or Instagram but if you’re new to Miitch then I would suggest starting with the track that gave her internet fame and led to her Atlantic record deal: The Count.


Instagram - @maliibumiitch