Hysom Zarroug


Hysom Zarroug



Mahalia ft. Ella Mai - What You Did 

United Kingdom

Twitter: @Mahalia

Son, I fucking cackled when I saw Mahlia. I see ya’ll on the Twitterverse talmbout being tired of pitchy, light-skin singers from the UK. Guess what, muhfuckas? Surprise! I don’t know what it’s in the water, but the bright-skinned baddies from across the pond keep producing hits, innit. This for all my bruhvs who pretended to be a part of Dipset. I was once a wallet-chain swangin’, bandana-wearin’ yute as a younger. Shoutout to Ella Mai and Mahalia for the sample. 


YK Osiris - Shakira 

Jacksonville, FL

Twitter: @ykOsiris 

I don’t know why Pop/R&B music coming out of Duvaaaaaaaal throws me the fuck off, but it does. When I think about the top of Florida, I think of wicks, mouths full of golds and gun talk -- they make prime Boosie music up there. Listen, I got a homegirl that teaches kids in Baltimore, and she told me her students are obsessed with YK Osiris. I get it. Lil bruh tight with the melodies. This song is legitimately the only reason why I’ve left my house the last two weekends. 


Summer Walker ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR - Just Might 

Atlanta, GA


I’ve seen mixed reviews on Summer Walker’s Over It  album. Here’s my take. If you’re not mixxy, you aren’t going to feel this. If you don’t spend any of your weekends surrounded in club sections with people you don’t know or necessarily want to be around, this is not for you. When you’re in the club, surrounded by women with sparklers headed toward you and all you can think about is the girl who blocked you for the 10th time this month, you just might be a hoe. 


Jacquees - Playing Games 

Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @Jacquees 

People shit on the King of R&B. Well, I’m sick of the fucking disrespect. Jacquees been running this R&B shit since he dropped Mood years ago, Y’ll plebeians hate the King simply he’s the size of an average Philipino and looks incredibly forced every time he does anything other than eeeeeeooooeeeeeeeeeeewwwe. Either way, you tasteless Serfs don’t know shit when it comes to R&B. Jacquees remixing hits like Wayne did. Ya, this that 2019 Wan-ye.


Nu$Money -  Pump 8 

Corpus Christi, TX

Twitter: @trapaholic263

Bro Bro, I don’t know anything about what they got going on in Corpus Christi. Never been and don’t plan on ever going. All I know is that the water is green out there, and Nu$Money will meet you at Pump 8, somewhere in the city. This that new Texas shit. Definitely sounds like a Fort Worth song, and that’s probably why I like it so much. The real Third Coast finally got one. Shoutout to ya’ll boys holdin dine out there.