Hysom Zarroug


Hysom Zarroug


HyAli’s Five Picks


Kamaiyah ft. ScHoolboy Q - Addicted To Ballin’

Oakland, CA

Twitter: @kamaiyah, @ScHoolboyQ

Yay area native, Kamaiyah, kept it super thorough with her most recent bop featuring the people’s favorite ScHoolboy Q. You already know I’m an easy sale when it comes to any West Coast related sounds yadadamean. If you need music to practice ya c-walk to, look no further.


A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie ft. PNB Rock & Lil Durk - Uptown/Bustdown

Bronx, NY

Twitter: @ArtistHBTL, @pnbrock, @lildurk

Hoodie SZN is a marvelous piece of work that dropped the end of 2018 and right here is just one of the many bangers A Boogie had on his second full-length album. Adding the forces of PNB Rock vocals made too much sense (Lil Durk was mehhh). Take notice as Highbridge’s finest stock continues to rise. The name and numbers are easily solidified amongst the best in the game.


Marco McKinnis - CPR

Hampton, Virginia

Twitter: @marcomckinnis

My dawg Theodric from work randomly introduced me to Marco McKinnis, now his debut EP Underground is one of my go-tos when I wanna slow it down, yaknowimshayin. “See nobody can take this love away; Dial my number anytime, I pull up and change your life”, woooooooooo bruh came with it on it CPR.


Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - 10 Piece

Pittsburgh, PA/New Orleans, LA

Twitter: @wizkhalifa, @CurrenSy_Spitta

WIZ & SPITTA ARE BACK, WIZ & SPITTA ARE BACK, WIZ & SPITTA ARE BACK (frantically throws and shoves everything off desk in excitement, like when Chris Rock was the Disc Jockey in Pootie Tang). Jah Bless 2009, word to the fuzzy green herb.


The-Dream - Challenger

Rockingham, NC

Twitter: @TheKingDream

Lowkey forgot The-Dream was still out here until he slapped us in the face with 40 tracks from his Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3. I’d be lying to if I said I listened to all 40 joints, but I did listen to about 1/4 of it, and in that 25% The-Dream snapped. The man knows how to make songs, and this Challenger track sounds like the one that will eventually get radio play. This is for the ladies no doubt.


Bobby’s Five Picks


Calboy - Envy Me

Chicago, IL

Twitter: @147Calboy

If this song doesn’t tear up the clubs in the next two weeks, I’m putting out a mass letter to all DJs accosting them for not being on their jobs. The homegirl, @Kai_Sangest (if you’re trying to holla on Insta, she’s single), showed me this song not too long ago and for once, her musical selection hit. Dawg, this that driving matching Lambo’s with your bestie shit. This that standing on the couches, celebrating victories with the homies music. Let’s have a toast to more Ws in 2019.


Shordie Shordie - Bitchuary

Baltimore, MD

Twitter: @pesodamafia

I didn’t think the Blueface “bussdown” dance could be outdone this year. Then, I turned on the video for Bitchuary by Shordie Shordie and quickly changed my selection to what they got going on over there in Baaawldimore. Not only is the dance flame emojis x 10, the song is the hottest/hardest joint I’ve heard so far in 2019. I mean, the hook is absolutely infectious. “I came up with the record because these girls are dogs too, and they know it,” Shoride Shoride  told The Fader. You ain’t never lied, Shordie. Preach.


Nipsey Hussle - Perfect Timing

Slauson, CA

Twitter: @NipseyHussle

If you’re ever feeling down about where you are in life, let this ride and just listen. Like most people, I wrestle with self doubt all the time. With that being said, this song has worked wonders, serving as a motivational tool whenever I need to get out of my thoughts and hustle. “Sometimes perfect timing feels like I'm too late, But I know you still great in spite of your mistakes, Before you run your race you gotta find a pace. Just make sure you cross the line, and fuck the time it takes.” Words to live by. The Marathon Continues.


BbyMutha - Rules

Chattanooga, Tennekey

Twitter: @bbymutha

Bruh Bruh, I’ma huge fan of phat pom-pom energy and that’s what Bbymutha is all about. The song hits. The music video hits even harder. And I can promise you this: It’s really the golden age 4 Women in Rap.


Maxo Kream - Meet Again

S.W.A.T. (Southwest Alief Texas)


Maxo is an impeccable storyteller who effortlessly paints pictures of the trials and tribulations created by the cycle of poverty. Basically, the hood Picasso. Honestly, if you can’t understand how poverty and everything that comes with it has a cruel way of forcing people to indulge in crime, then you my friend, are extremely dense. If you’ve ever had to use JPay to keep in touch with incarcerated friends/family members, this song is for you. Hold your head up, big dawg.

PS: We need a tape of just Maxo on soulful beats.