Hysom Zarroug


Hysom Zarroug


Bobby’s Picks

Trippie Redd - Topanga

Canton, OH

Twitter: @trippieredd

I’ve tried my hardest to hate this li’l demon since I first heard his music. There’s a lot about his face that I don’t like. Regardless of that, my old dude antennas are no longer working, and I can no longer hate, mane. This shit right here is beautiful. The li’l dude can really sing and he’s masterful with melodies/songwriting. Sorry, I’m late, but a brudda had to hate before he could appreciate the greatness coming out of this kid’s vocal chords.


Rico Nasty - Sandy

Palmer Park, MD

Twitter: @Rico_nastyy

Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob used to rock that big ass bowl over her head. In an ode to that, young Rico Nasty hopped on a Kenny Beats banger and told the girls that she’s, “smoking out the bowl like a bitch named Sandy/ I’m original that’s why the bitches can’t stand me.” Flexxxx!!! This is Rico at her finest: Raw, Uncut and Full of Life.


Mike Smiff - I Got You

Miami, FL

Twitter: @mikesmiff305

This that smooth player shit for all my big-bonded brothas who out here pullin’. Dude sounds like Rick Ross when he first came into the game; same voice, delivery and I know you see the ode to Biggie with the Coogi Sweater. Trick Daddy and Slip N’ Slide records got one with the boy Mike Smiff.


iLoveMakonnen ft. Coodie Breeze, Rich Po Slim and Archibald Slim - Vodka On The Weekend

College Park, GA

Twitter: @iLoveMakonnen5D

Dawg, no matter how old I am or whatever happens in life, I’ll never forget Rich Po’ Slim’s verse -- the second one. First off, “Bitch I get chose, what the fuck is a chase?” Second, “Niggas like me is rare, add the capital P, I’ma player.” Goodnight MFs.


Little Dragon - Crystalfilm

Gothenburg, Sweden

Twitter: @LittleDragon

Play this song in the heat of debauchery (moreso foreplay)  and then tell me which level you reach. Sounds serenading exploration and hella fun, my damies.


HyAli’s Picks

Toro y Moi - Ordinary Pleasure

Columbia, SC

Twitter: @ToroyMoi

The freeform calm R&B/Indie/Funk wave Toro y Moi brought to this is hella nice on the ears. Every aspect is dope, including how Chaz introduced his band in the music video. Shoutout to my brudda Anthony on the keys for torching this shit.


Lil Mosey - Boof Pack

Seattle, WA

Twitter: @lilmosey

I know I know, “Hy you wrote on Mosey last week, why again, chilllat”. Decided to double down cuz I’m currently stuck on this track and playing it 3-5x day.


Sister Nancy - Bam Bam

Kingston, Jamaica

IG: @sisternancy

This legendary dancehall tune was sampled by the likes of Kanye West (before MAGA Ye) and JAY-Z. That’s dope, but the original will never ever ever ever get old.


Money Man - Unknown

Decatur, GA


Reverend Money Man’s Sunday’s services are amazing and this one is no different. There are hints of the mythical Atlanta flute throughout while his voice peacefully marinates the track. Money Man done told me he doesn’t miss, and I believe him.


Miraa May - Nobody


Twitter: @miraa_may

Care Package the EP. Do me a favor…better yet do yourself the favor and check that. Everyone needs more Miraa May.