Hysom Zarroug


Hysom Zarroug


Bobby’s Picks

Lil Mosey - Kamikaze

Seattle, WA

Twitter: @lilmosey

Dawg, the pale boy’s been getting plenty of love from 4MP, as HyAli’s talked about Lil Mosey numerous times. It took me a while, but I’m finally onboard. Honestly obsessed with him saying, “come with caution” on the hook because it sounds like Kamikaze and that’s the song’s name, duh. I’m a cheap date. It is what it is.


Rylo Rodriguez - Blind To It

Mobile, AL

Twitter: @RyloRodriguez

Bruh sampled Tamia and went off. Actually haven’t stopped playing this since first listen and don’t plan to either. I’m bout to see what more this Rylo Rodriguez character got going on.


Tierra Whack - Clones

Philadelphia, PA

Twitter: @TierraWhack

This is the second release from Tierra during Whack History Month, and it’s very important,. EVERYONE IS COPYING TIERRA WHACK. Her flow is influential. Her style is influential. Even the way she structures her albums is much different than the norm. She’s the shit and everyone’s trying to steal her recipe.


Hilary Duff - Come Clean

Houston, TX

Twitter: @HilaryDuff

Listen, when I’m in my bag, I’m in my mf’n bag. Here we got H-Town’s Finest and a gotdamn classic for all my people who were watching the music videos on Disney Channel and Laguna Beach.


Jacquees - Ex Games

East Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @Jacquees

Listen, I’m not here to participate in the li’l social media bullshit where it’s popular to act like Jacquees isn’t talented nor an original hitmaker. Shit is for weirdos. This right here, though, maaaaaaaan…..


HyAli’s Picks

August Alsina ft. Keith Sweat - For You

New Orleans, LA

Twitter: @AugustAlsina

Bike from hiatus, August Alsina recently dropped an EP in honor of Valentines Day titled Forever and a Day. If you thought Alsina fell off, here’s a reminder that he’s still nice as hell when it comes to making music that’ll have you pining for extra alone time with ya lady. Any incorporation of the OG Keith Sweat is a win. Every. Single. Time.


Smilez & Southstar - Tell Me

Orlando, FL

Twitter: @IAMMRSMILEZ, @iamRobCampman

Real ones know all about this classic early 2000s slap. The headbands, the throwbacks, the velour jumpsuits…..excuse me while I shed a tear and bask in the nostalgia.


Tanto Metro & Devonte - Give It To Her


Twitter: @TantoMetroDevon

Idk if you could tell but I’ve been in an early 2000s vibe lately. It’s my duty to remind folks Jamaican dancehall never dies. This here 4or all mi yardbwoy & yardmon yuh don know. Classic reggae music. Mi realli waah dem fi know.


Offset - Lick

Gwinnett County, GA

Twitter: @OffsetYRN

Not feeling the forced album cover art at all, but I am feeling this “Lick” record. ATLANTA FLUTE FOR YOU. SOME ATLANTA FLUTE FOR YOU. ATLANTA FLUTE FOR EVERYONNNNEEEEE. (I am such an easy sell smh). I’ll let you know when I get around to listening to the rest of the album though.


Joy Crookes - Man’s World

South London, UK

Twitter: @joycrookes

The UK’s been a hotbed for gifted vocalist, but Joy Crookes tho…..Imagine Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill mating (picture the scene), then having a beautiful brown daughter who embodies their unique sound and tone. Crookes also gives listeners hella food for thought with bars like “melanin is not your enemy”. Buy all your Joy Crookes stock now. A star is on the horizon and it’s a 4MP HyAli guarantee.