Hysom Zarroug

Hip Hop's Best Blood and Crip Collaborations

Hysom Zarroug
Hip Hop's Best Blood and Crip Collaborations

The Best Blood & Crip Collabs In Hip-Hop

Since The Famous Cryp aka Blueface dropped Thotiana remixes with Blood rappers YG and Cardi B, questions circulating the collabs began infiltrating my inbox. What’s up with the set tripping? Now, I neither bang blue nor red, but I do know a little bit about gang culture and its relevance in hip hop. In actuality, the Bloods and Crips have been working together for years to bury long-standing beefs in favor of a color we can all agree on -- green. On March 3, 1991, a black motorist named Rodney King was stopped and savagely beaten by the LAPD. Though blacks in Los Angeles, and throughout the United States, were no strangers to violence at the hands of those entrusted to “protect and serve,” this particular instance garnered national attention. For perhaps the first time, cameras caught the perps in the act, bringing one of this nation’s dishonorable pastimes to the limelight. Despite overwhelming evidence, three of the four officers involved were acquitted of all charges in 1992, which led to an outraged community demanding answers, explanations, and justice. As shared misfortunes sparked an increased sense of unity, the Bloods and Crips, whose rift dates back to the 1970s, decided to join forces in a progressive manner by signing a peace treaty. The year after the Rodney King verdict, members from sets throughout the Los Angeles area joined forces and produced an album titled Bangin on Wax, which peaked at No. 86 on the Billboard 200. This initial project ultimately set the stage for a host of collaborations, as each of the organizations boast a variety of influential names throughout the hip hop industry. Here’s a list of some of my favorite Crip and Blood collabs.

PS: Sorry but I’m not putting any Lil Wayne or Bhris Brown on this list. Just doesn’t feel right.


Bloods - Piru Love (1993)

Off the Bangin’ on Wax album, this legendary cut shouts out several sets while a host of Bloods flex their lyrical muscles and talk gang politics over the “Computer Love” instrumental. This his hoe will forever jam. A true classic.  

Kurupt ft. DJ Quik & Butch Cassidy - Can’t Go Wrong (2001)

Kurupt - Rollin 60s Crip

DJ Quik - Tree Top Piru

This that roll one and sip Cognac music. Real, smooth playa shit from the legendary Kurupt and DJ Quik. Bill Clinton can’t play the saxophone like this.

Mack 10 ft. Ice Cube, WC, Butch Cassidy- Connected For Life (2001)

WC - 111 Neighborhood Crip

Mack 10 - Queen Street Bloods

It doesn’t get any more West Coast than a song from Westside Connection, a formidable trio featuring Crip-Walk Maven, WC, Inglewood’s, Mack 10, and the legendary Ice Cube. Oh, and shoutout to Manny Fresh on the beat.

Spider Loc ft. E. Note, Papa Smurf & Piper - Blutiful World remix (2012)

Spider Loc - East Coast Crips

Piper - Grape Street Crip

Papa Smurf - Denver Lane Bloods


Now, I’m not a trained signer or any shit like that, but when this song came out in 2012, I was harmonizing my ass off trying to hit the chorus’ notes every time I hopped in the shower -- personally I think I sounded kinda like BIg Moe, yadadamean? Honestly, the original is better, but this version is more inclusive and still a banger.

YG ft. Big TC & RJ - Thank God (2014)

YG - Tree Top Piru

Big TC - School Yard Crip

RJ - Athens Park Blood  

One of the hardest cuts off YG ’s legendary My Krazy Life album. Big Bloody YG links with fellow blood R.J. and TY $ brother, SchoolYard Crip Big TC, for a dope ass interlude that’ll have you on your knees appreciating the little things, especially freedom. RJ delivers on the verse, rattling off his account of YG’s arrest to his (YG’s) mother and explaining the bail situation. If you want an in-depth look into the highs and lows of LA gang culture, My Krazy Life is an instructional manual.

Gunna ft. Young Thug - King Kong (2018)

Gunna - Rollins 60s Neighborhood Crip

Young Thug - Sex Money Murder Bloods

When gang culture invaded Atlanta, it hit hard, birthing several sets across Fulton and Clayton county. Several of these sets feature some of the world’s best rappers, including Young Thug and Gunna. The two met through a mutual friend “King Troupe” who passed away -- Thug actually has a song titled King Troupe --  and have since put out countless tracks, including “King Kong,” which set off Gunna’s Drip Season 3 mixtape.

Schoolboy Q ft. Jay Rock & Ab-Soul - What’s the Word (2011)

Schoolboy Q - 52 Hoova Crip

Jay Rock - Bounty Hunter Watts Blood

Nothing’s smoother than a Hoova, and Schoolboy Q exemplifies that while linking with Black Hippy’s best rapper, Jay Rock -- he’s been that since the group's inception -- and AB-Soul for “What’s the Word.” The chorus tells it all; they are not bringing you nothing but “that true gangsta shit.”

Young Thug ft. Peewee Longway - Loaded (2014)

Young Thug - Sex Money Murder Bloods

Peewee Longway - Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crip

My God, this collab right chea was one of epic proportions. During the Rise of Young Thug circa 2013, a host of legendary music dropped, including “Loaded,” a classic in which Thug teamed up with “Longway Longway”  for one of the most sinister lyrical exercises of the year. I’m just saying, homie.

Maxo Kream x Sauce Twinz - Astrodome (2015)

Maxo Kream - 52 Hoova Crip

Sauce Walka - 102 South Park Piru

Houston is littered with sets and 52 Hoova Crip is the biggest -- the gang also boasts rappers NFL Cartel Bo and Zro. With that said, Maxo teamed up with South Park Piru Sauce Walka and Sancho Saucy for a track about Houston’s most lucrative pastime -- pimpin’.

Snoop Dogg ft. B-Real - Vato (2006)

Snoop Dogg - Rollin’ 20s Crip

B-Real - 89th Street Family Bloods

Now this is not my shit. With that said, this list couldn’t be complete without a Snoop song. I know a lot of people probably thought B-Real from Cypress Hill was actually a Vato, but he’s not. This song did numbers back in the day.

YNW Melly ft. Skooly - Till The End (2018)

YNW Melly - Blood

Skooly - Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crip

If you know me, you know I wished for this collab long before its release. Both these dudes sing their asses off and the chemistry on this shit is magical. We may or may not ever be getting new music from Melly, so might as well enjoy the hits. Young Nigga World really was supposed to be a dynasty…