Hysom Zarroug


Hysom Zarroug


Bobby’s Picks

Burna Boy - Dangote

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Twitter: @burnaboy

If the DJ plays this at the end of the night, you only have one option. Stop looking around and make your move, playa. That shorty you’ve been staring a hole through the entire night is getting ready to leave, and it’s your last opportunity to grab her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear while the smooth sounds of Burna Boy serenade the moment. Playmaking music, playboy.


Da Baby - Suge (Yea Yea)

Charlotte, NC

Twitter: @DaBabyDaBaby

Da Baby’s come a long way since the days in which he was running around SXSW in a diaper. You know what they say: All publicity is good publicity. The Charlotte native’s shameless introduction set the stage for a meteoric rise, as he’s quickly amassed a massive following through witty lyrics, savvy yet hilarious social media antics/visuals and unmitigated authenticity. We hear rappers talk about repercussions for attempted robbers all the time, but how many actually live those bars? Da Baby does.


Lil’ Keed - Going Crazy

Atlanta (Cleveland Ave.)

Twitter: @1lilKeed

Young Thug’s taken the Gucci Mane approach to things, lending his ear and assistance to several fellow ATLiens, including Lil Baby and Gunna. Lil Keed, who also hails from Thug’s native Cleveland or Bleveland Ave, is another spawn of the uber-talented YSL Camp. You can hear Thug’s influence all over this jawn. Enjoy.


Kash Doll - For Everybody

Detroit, MI

Twitter: @kashdoll

So I was at a Game Night this past Friday and it ended up being me and 4MPHyAli among approximately 12 women. When this song came on, I shit you not, all the womenfolk in the crib hopped off the couch and aggressively rattled off Kash Doll’s “For Everybody” while me and bro bro laughed hysterically in amazement. Dawg, the artist affectionately known as Kash Doll Sr. even stole a line from the Chappelle Show saying, “the way them titties sag, milk done gone bad, I know he ain’t copping.” No offense n shit, but few things galvanize women like stories of men cheating. Also salute to the real riders who fight side chicks instead of beefing with the cheater. Y'all the real MVPs.  


Sada Baby - Dumbass

Detroit, MI

Twitter: @SkubaBaby

At the moment, no city is out-producing Detroit in terms of rap talent. There’s about 10411075 spitters in Motown killing it, and the majority of them are doing so with a Bay Area-influenced style that’ll have you bouncing to some of the most violent and ruthless lyrical exercises one could muster. With that said, Sada Baby is the best out of the D, and his Bartier Bounty mixtape is the hardest shit that’s come out so far in 2019. Nobody’s out shit talking Skuba Baby. Nobody.


HyAli’s Picks

Kehlani ft. Dom Kennedy - Nunya

Oakland, CA

Twitter: @Kehlani, @DOPEITSDOM

Kehlani and Dom Kennedy’s “Nunya” is the California connection folks were waiting on. Issa celebration when Dom enters the booth. Shoot, his presence in the vicinity of a mic is rarer than a Pablo Sanchez Rookie Card. Kehlani kept it incredibly player with the all white theme in the video — it meshes well with her angelic vocals. Baby girl got herself a radio record. Go head and climb them charts.


Gunna - IDK Why

College Park, GA

Twitter: @1GunnaGunna

Drip Or Drown 2 gives you everything you’re expecting from a Gunna project, focusing solely on the sound that made him one of the hottest names out of the Peach State. If you happen to be a Gunna fan and need a helping hand purchasing new designer cloth, look no further; This song and a few others had my dumbass on Chanel’s website pump faking from half court for an hour, smh.


Poppy Ajudha - The Man You Aim to Be

London, UK

Twitter: @PoppyAjudha

Poppy Ajudha takes you on a journey with this one. The fact she was able to open the conversation about masculinity and display how both sides are affected in the video is something to applaud. Luv to the single gold tooth.


Solange - Way To The Show

Houston, TX

Twitter: @solangeknowles

When I Get Home is hot fire if you’re a lil late to the show. Solange went the funky route on this track, going dumb with the synthesizers while applying her sense of calm throughout. This is mydeal.com.


Juice Wrld - Hear Me Calling

Chicago, IL

Twitter: @JuiceWorlddd

OMG Based God. Juice WRLD’s Death Race for Love is on best album of 2019 alert and that’s simply off the strength of how tight this is.