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Hysom Zarroug



Bobby’s Picks

LOONY - Overnight

Scarsborough, Ontario

Instagram: @Loonymoonchild

I asked one of my favorite people in the world, Xana Montana, to make me a R&B playlist because the music I’d been listening to was much too aggressive, and I was in need of mental clarity. Less than 24 hours later, she gifted me with this lovely playlist, featuring LOONY, Toronto’s version of a younger Adele whose soothing voice and lyrics have been the soundtrack to my 5 a.m. runs. Peace and Blessings.


Nipsey Hussle - Road To Riches

Crenshaw & Slauson

themarathonclothing.com  (get you something)

The first time I heard Nipsey was in 2008 -- I was around 16. He had dropped Hussle in the House, and the video had been dominating MTV Jams. I remember eating my bowl of popcorn (my daily snack) and continuously rewinding the video because the song sampled Kris Kross’ “Jump Jump,”( a sick ass instrumental)  and he had a Snoop cameo in the video, which solidified his legitimacy in my eyes. I became a stan from there, downloading every mixtape I could find and eventually using his lyrics to fuel me through high school and later college -- no bullshit when he says kids tell him he’s the reason that they finished school in Road to Riches, I can attest to that. I had been going through a rough time after losing one of my closest friends (Shane) my freshman year and was struggling to move on and finish the race I’d started at Lehigh University. Many of Hussle’s bars inspired me to keep pushing because the marathon had to continue regardless and the best way for me to honor the homie was by succeeding in his memory. Between countless hours of musical healing helping soothe a hurting soul, and watching Hussle carve his own path and change the way musicians sold their products (The Proud to Pay Movement was living proof that you didn’t have to play by the rules to succeed, you could win on your merit/persistence and fund your dreams), I decided to partner with my brother from childhood, 4MP HyAli and start building the concept of 4orMyPeople, which is part of fulfilling a promise I made to Shane. Now I’ve never met Nipsey, but I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for the impact he had on my life. I look at his passing as more positive than not because it allowed his message to reach a larger audience than it had when he was on earth and brought people from all walks of life together -- seeing some of LA’s longest-standing rival gangs come together in honor of Nip was beautiful, man. He served his purpose on earth, laying the blueprint for a whole generation of black entrepreneurs. His Victory Lap is more divine than anything. Rest in Power NH Nip Hussle.


Brent Faiyaz - Came Right Back

Columbia, Maryland

Twitter: @brentfaiyaz

This resonates a little too deeply. What can I say, I’m emotional and no matter how emotionless the facade may seem, I can’t hide behind it for too long, yafeeeeelme. He’s preaching on this joint and Brent possesses one of my favorite voices right now.


Lil Uzi Vert - Sanguine Paradise

Philadelphia, PA


As soon as DJ Drama unchained Uzi, we knew Uzi would return with heat. Didn’t know he was going to take Mykko Montana’s “Do It,” a classic for all my brothas and sistas who were on the 4lokoz College Diet between 2009-2015, and torch it, skating over the instrumental and adding it to his collection of murdered beats. All Hail King Uzi. He’s back and now managed by Roc Nation.


Young Thug ft. Millie - Family Don’t Matter

Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @youngthug

Ok, I’m going to start with this: Black people created country music. I’m not trying to be divisive but those are the cold hard facts, and the LI’l Nas X x Billboard Charts thing is v. racist and weird -- He shouldn’t have had to enlist Billy Ray Cyrus, though the remix is flames. Also, Kevin Gates, legitimately makes country music and has been for quite some. Oh, and the G.O.A.T. Young Thug, came out with a country project -- Beautiful Thugger Girls. Why wasn’t this on the country charts? We know, but we need somebody to take accountability for these mishaps.



HyAli’s Picks

Krept & Konan ft. Jhene Aiko - Wrongs

South London, UK

Twitter: @KreptandKonan, @JheneAiko

The South London duo got the angelic Jhene Aiko on a track about relationship issues, and she absolutely dominated this melodic instrumental — one of her specialties. Baby don’t worry bout that big ass Big Sean face you got tatted, I know a artist that can make that tatt look more like me in a few hours. Everything will work out. Luv.


Mozzy ft. Yhung T.O., Too $hort & Dcmbr - Excuse Me

Oak Park, Sacramento, California

Twitter: @MozzyThaMotive, @YhungTo, @TooShort

Mozzy Mozz, Sacramento King if you know you know. Yhung T.O., one of the brighter young talents outta the West coast, went off on this Cali collab. Don’t be surprised if you hear more and more T.O. — the bag is coming for that boy. BIIIIIIEEETCH !! WHY YOU GOTTA SAY IT LIKE $HORT! Double salute to the Bay Area pioneer Too $hort for making an appearance. He fasho upgraded this slap.


Rayven Justice - Between Your Thighs

East Oakland, CA

Twitter: @RayvenJustice

The versatility coming out of the Yay Area has me proud asl, with names like Rayvven Justice leading the pack. This joint belongs on the baby-making playlist no question; slightly upbeat, adding a nice velvet smooth element to ya stale bedroom music.


Kali Uchis ft. Tyler The Creator & Bootsy Collins - After The Storm

Alexandria, Virginia

Twitter: @KALIUCHIS, @tylerthecreator

MOOOOOOOOD!!! BIG MOOD! The elements of this track are everything one could ask for. A trippy, 70s feel with hints of electric funk, jazz sax, drums and none other than Bootsy motherfucking Collins. If you don’t love Bootsy Collins, I don’t love you. (Strong words from HyAli)


Davido - Fall

Lagos, Nigeria

Twitter: @iam_Davido

Mav’s rookie Kostas Antetokounmpo recently reminded me that Davido’s Fall is a certified dancehall banger via Instagram. To friends and family: Don’t play anywhere near me if you’re tired of seeing me crush it on the living room dance floor. Trusttttttt.