Hysom Zarroug

Guest Wave Playlist Of The Month: 4MP DJ VK

Hysom Zarroug
Guest Wave Playlist Of The Month: 4MP DJ VK

Guest Wave Playlist Of The Month: 4MP DJ VK

1. Loyal - Aflacko  

I’ve been having this weird obsession lately where I can’t listen to rap music unless it sounds like they recorded it the same way Terrence Howard did in Hustle & Flow. If you didn’t record it on a computer with Windows XP on it, don’t want to hear it 


2. グッド・ラック - Shintaro Sakamoto 

This song helped me understand why white dudes wear shorts and flip flops in 40 degree weather. It’s all about creating summer with your mind. I respect that I see the vision y’all. 


3. Flaming Hot Cheetos - Clairo 

If you took the film Big Daddy and replaced Adam Sandler with me and the kid with a white girl - stay with me stay with me - and then that kid grew up and went to Syracuse and basically recorded a cover of a Drake’s Interlude, you'd get this song.


4. Baby I Wonder - Max B 

This song is what walking in dirty snow in dirty Timbs wearing your long johns and like 4 layers of clothes really really feels like. 


5. Things I Don’t Mean - Tweet 

I lowkey wish every apology sounded like this or every apology had to be sung. It’d be pretty tight, just saying.


6. Que Lio - Willie Colon 

Shout out Humbolt Park Shout out Puerto Rico shout out arroz con grandulces shout out Roberto Clemente shout out Javy Baez shout out Cermak shout out tostones shout out pr city Aqua clean laundry I see you 


7. Out There - Project Pat 

Project Pat is the goat. If he’s not in your top 5, then you have never matched your polo with your Nike's, and you probably write comments on YouTube for multiple hours a day.


8. My Thing - Wilfred Luckie 

This song is that Spider-Man Tobey Maguire/Seth Summer  upside down Spider-Man kiss. This should only be played for the grown and sexy. This song song should only be played for your boo after dinner or before breakfast. Please listen responsibly. 


9. Estrelar - Marcos Valle 

This song a banger but my man on the cover look like an amateur wrestler doing an ad for a Tide Pod flavored fruit beverage.


10. Gucci Bandana - Soulja Boy 



11. Bad News - Terrace Martín & Leon Bridges

Eggs, grits, a freezer burned Hungry Man, carbonara, stir fry, your stepmom's Lean Cuisine -- play this song while you eat. It's basically hot sauce in your eardrum, my guy.


12. Patience - Assorted Phlavors

Ay, if your fiddle leave fig plant ain’t sproutin how you want it to sprout or your fern is looking bummy - play this for your house plants three times in a row. Guaranteed results man.


13. Back to Jail - 03 Greedo 

I listen to this song on my way to work and anxiously refresh my Instagram to see if my people are sending me memes or not. 


14. Esperar Pra Ver - Evinha

I brush my teeth to this song with my airpods on to remind myself that I’m dangerous and blessed but also cause it’s pretty close to two minutes so I can time out my teeth brush time.


15. Midnight Hoes - Kingpin Skinny

I feel like this is on Tyrion Lannister's most played. This is his drink by myself and reflect whilst staring at candles music. Personally, I play this when I overeat food and can’t leave my couch. Same same but different.


16. Palco - Gilberto Gil 

I wouldn’t wear a button up shirt when you bump this because it is impossible not to unbutton your shirt and dance like your in a 2004 Sean Paul music video. It’s basically like bird box. 


17. You’re Still the One - Andres 

This song is what my heartbeat sounds like when I drink cold brew coffee- tingly and on the verge of combusting 


18. Be Your Girl - Teedra Moses 

Basically, this song is the other other Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name” but instead of Mos Def in the video it’s an Ahmad Jamal sample. If you catch me riding the North Ave. bus with a black hoodie on, I’m listening to this 7/10 times.