Hysom Zarroug


Hysom Zarroug


Mike Stud - These Days 

Twitter: @Mike_Stud

Cranston, RI

I'm not well-versed on the happenings in white rapper world. With that said, I'm pleased to have stumbled upon Mike Stud. The story of how I came across the caucasian crooner, includes fantasy baseball -- something I have no business playing. I really, really suck and haven't followed the sport since Grady Sizemore played for the Indians. However, if it weren't for throwing money down the drain because I'm addicted to slamming my meat on the table and talking shit, even when misguided, Stud would've still been an unknown in my eyes. While researching one of my players, Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman, I read about a music video the hurler starred in with a teammate from Duke. I then used my Googles to locate said video, which led me to this masterpiece from Stud. The former Blue Devils closer sounds like Drake. That may be "controversial" but listen to the song, dawg. He does. 


Morilyn - Act a Fool 

Twitter: @moefontenot


So, my homegirl Diane is one of the livest people I know. She turns the function out every time her lil ass steps out. Anyway, I saw this song on her Insta story a couple of days ago and was pressed, my g. She plugged me into Morilyn, and now I’m hooked. Shorty deadass opened the song with, “ding dong, ya nigga got me as his ringtone.” Might as well cancel Christmas. She’s got the hardest opening bar of 2019, and it’s not even close. Hey boo, your lyrics turn me on and I’d like for you to send your number to @4ormypeople@gmail.com. I’ll put your shit as my ringtone.


Dee Watkins - Bad Ass Jit 

Twitter: @Deewatkinss


According to my research, kids growing up in Florida age five times faster than their peers in other states. The proof is in the bars, as these lil mutants tell stories way beyond their years. “Bad ass Jit” is as Gunshine as it gets, as Watkins details his upbringing in the land of the most egregious newspaper headlines. Wouldn’t be surprised if we heard more from Dee Watkins in 2019. He’s got next. 


LBS Kee’vin - Lifestyle 

Instagram: @Lbskeevin

Pensacola, FL

This is actually the only song I’m listening to right now that isn’t on Young Thug’s album. Kee’vin is a fucking monster. He smashed the Roddy Rich flow on Lifestyle, bench pressing the beat and serenading listeners with an infectious hook on what should be a club banger. I know this is getting play in Florida. We’ve been debating if there’s a possibility he can taste mainstream success without changing that ratchet ass name from Kee’vin. 


Burna Boy ft. Jorja Smith - Gum Body 

Twitter: @burnaboy, @JorjaSmith 

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Burna Boy reigns supreme in the Afrobeats game. It’s not debatable. Bruh, I cannot wait to hear this joint in Dallas’ finest hookah clubs next to a few Naija baddies. “Gum Body,” to go with a few several shots of Jameson and I’m going to be in your girl’s ear trying to convince her that I own an airport. Shoutout to Emmanuel Nwude. A legend in the scam bidness.