Hysom Zarroug

Young Thug's 10 Greatest Hits

Hysom Zarroug
Young Thug's 10 Greatest Hits

Young Thug's 10 Greatest Hits

Jeffery Lamar Williams never disappoints. Whether it's through song, social media or ripping the runway, Young Thug seizes every moment, captivating audiences with a mercurial style unseen. No bullshit, but Thug is Hip Hop's 8-pound, 6-ounce Baby Jesus. You know, the one that wears the t-shirt suit, so people understand he means business, but is also here to party. On August 16, 2019, the 28-year-old visionary, musician and label boss released his project “So Much Fun.” Before we review the album, we decided to start you off with 10 of Young Thug’s greatest hits. Choosing 10 songs from such a vast catalog isn't easy, but here we are serving you everything from the "I Came From Nothing" series till now.


Young Thug x Bonjour (2011)

This is my absolute favorite Thug song. It's perfect and extremely concise. Thugger doing what he does best.


Young Thug ft. Future x My Everything (2011)

Another hit off I Came From Nothing 2. Yo, there's a contingent of people who probably think Future and Thug's first collab was a part of Super Slimey. It started years ago, my boy.


Young Thug x Angry Sex (2012)

The first song that made me fall in love with Thug. I remember being in the dorms at Lehigh University and my bro Marley playing this on repeat. Like this dude Thug really said, "I hate that fuck nigga from Cheaters" on wax. We fucking stan. 


Young Thug x Givenchy (2013)

The best song off the Rich Gang tape. My wife's walking down the aisle to this when we get married. She can plan everything else with the occasion. Just do me one favor. 


Migos ft. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan x In Too Deep (2014)

Bro, Thug, murders the gotdamn hook. Not only that, this is back before the Migos made NBA Tip-Off music and Thug and Quan were still cool. Let's reminisce over the good times. 


Young Thug x Best Friend (2015) 

If you ask me this was when Thug announced he'd be dominating mainstream music. He had a few hits prior that touched the radio, but this here was the one. Welcome to the world of Jeffery Lamar. 


Young Thug ft. Nipsey Hussle x Thug Life (2016)

Hearing Thug talk about Nip during the Big Boy interview almost brought a tear to my eyes. I wish we could've gotten more collabs from the two before Nip's passing, but life works in mysterious ways. Rest in Power.


Young Thug x RiRi (2016) 

Bro was wearing a dress so he could hide the stick. If that isn't the most gangsta shit, I don't know what it is. I'm pretty sure I cried the first time I heard this song. I couldn't handle him singing "Do the Work, baby, Do the work." I also can't believe one of his bros told the girls in the studio what he was about to say. Thug freestyles everything. 


Young Thug x Family Don't Matter (2017)

Young Thug walked so Lil Nas X could fly up the Billboard Charts. Black people created country music. Thugger had to take back what was ours.


Young Thug - Jumped Out The Window (2019)

The newest Thugger project made my head explode. First of all, there weren't any misses. Secondly, he's finally going to receive the acknowledgement he deserves. Thug is the greatest of a generation. Respect him as such.