Hysom Zarroug


Hysom Zarroug


Quality Control ft. Lil Baby, City Girls, PnB Rock & Layton Greene - Leave Em Alone 

Twitter: @1QualityControl

Location: Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, St. Louis

I'm a sucker for throwback samples. "Leave Em" Alone is no different. The indentured servants inside QC's sweatshop took vital elements from 50 Cent and 'Ciara's 2006 hit "'Can't Leave Em" Alone," threw Layton Greene, Queen Scam aka Caresha, Lil Baby and the King of Fuck Boy Music PnB Rock into a blender and dropped a banger. This that white tees, crispy-cocaine 1s and icy-white durag music. Like that, 2004 post up at the courts with ya boys and holla at the shorties music. You don't usually see Pee and Coach K fumble, but this should've been the song of the summer. DJ's sleep.

Ps: If Caresha wants my whole piggy bank, she can have it. Anything for you. 


Nino Man - Tropical Fantasy 


Location: Harlem, NY

Yo, fuck the whole New York drill scene. Not rockin’ with that off-brand bruhv music. The energy is dope, but the sound makes me feel like robots are coming to takeover the universe any day now. Nino Man, though? This that real shit -- excuse my hip hop elitism. That Timbs and bubble coat shit. Music that inspires you to get off your ass and go get this $$$$. My bro even shouted out the pigeon-toed Gods out here. As a member of Two-Feet In, I’m with the movement. 


Erica Banks - Talk My Shit

Twitter: @RealEricaBanks

Location: Dallas, TX 

I’ve heard a lot about Erica Banks over the past few months, but never listened to the music. I started with “Talk My Shit,” and boy…… I’m in love. Her accent is authentic -- and dawg Dallas women are something else. She can rap her ass off. And lil mama fine and all. The 214 got one. Also, shoutout to Halfpint Filmz. 


Kenny B - Fuck the Opps

Instagram: @Kennybyoungin 

Location: Fort Worth, TX

I’ve been championing Fort Worth rappers for a minute. For one, these country boys have a distinct sound. Secondly, they aren’t lying in their raps. That tough talk you here isn’t for show. Them Stop 6 boys will pull up to you on horseback and let that thing ring. Now, I’ve been watching Kenny B for awhile, and I’ll say this. He’s got a massive chance to put The Funk on the map. He’s been on No Jumper, Hot 97 and should only see more success as time progresses. Loving this shit. 


Neighborhood Ceo - Don’t Know The Feeling 

Twitter: @CeoNeighborhood 

Location: Dallas, TX

If the Jackson 5 sacrificed two members (Marlon and Jackie), they’d be Neighborhood CEO. These Dallas (TX) triplets are on the cusp of commercial success and “Don’t Know The Feeling”  resembles such. The track reminds me a lot of Quando’s Debut single “I Remember, as you can feel the rawness and pain in their voices. If they can keep this blueprint (no pun intended), Neighborhood CEO could become arguably the city’s biggest rap group since Young Nation/ Thugboss Nation. I’m not a praying man, but I’m on my hands and knees, hoping these youngins see the success they deserve.