2K Talk: Five Teams To Rock With In NBA 2K19

If your significant other hasn’t thanked 2K for keeping your problematic ass in the house and out of the streets/DMs, it’s likely because you don’t play with an enjoyable team and therefore aren’t playing as much as you should be. I am entirely unsure what anybody gets out of playing with teams so loaded, it doesn’t take much strategy or knowledge to succeed with them. In fact, I would go so far as to say if you play with either the Warriors or now the Celtics and Lakers in 2k19, you are not to be respected. Don’t worry, 4MP has taken it upon ourselves to provide you with five teams you should rock with in 2k19.



Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are an avid 2K players dream. You have a host of players who can stretch the floor and drill 3s in Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine, Bobby Portis and Wendell Carter (who is a huge mismatch). Defensively you have quick, long-armed players like Kris Dunn, LaVine, Carter and Robin Lopez. And then you have guys who you can throw around in different lineups and play multiple positions like Jabari Parker and Denzel Valentine. This roster isn’t the easiest to work with in real life, but in a video game… Shiiiiiiiiid.

Cleveland Cavaliers


The Cavaliers should suck in 2k without coverman LeBron James, right? Wrong. Kevin Love can get you 30 against anybody thanks to his inside-out game and ability to stretch the floor. Collin Sexton is the quintessential video-game point guard -- a blur if you’re playing an uptempo style and crafty around the rim --  and you have a bunch of guys who can shoot it from distance in JR Smith, Kyle Korver, Cedi Osman, George Hill and Rodney Hood. So many different lineups you can tinker with to maximize this roster, and with the way 2K is setup, you can even turn Tristan Kardashian into a walking double-double.

New York Knicks


Porzingis is good for 20, 10 and a couple of blocks every time you pick up the sticks. Not only do you have him, but you posses a talented scorer in rookie Kevin Knox, guys who can grab a shitload of offensive boards and block shots in Enes Kanter (through he can’t block shots in real life) and Mitchell Robinson and a deep rotation that consists of Tim Hardaway Jr., Frank Ntilikina (who’s much better in video games) and Mario Hezonja who’s a walking bucket depending on if you know how to use him and get to his spots.  The Knicks will run boys out of the building. DO NOT SLEEP.

Orlando Magic


This could honestly be the best defensive team in the game. They have so many players who take up so much space thanks to their sheer length and size. Just try scoring in the paint against a lineup that features Mo Bamba, Jonathan Isaac and Aaron Gordon. Shit, the way the passing lanes are setup in 2k, you’ll get a whole bunch of steals with this squad, as well. With that being said, you have a powerful dunker in Gordon, a versatile offensive juggernaut in Nikola Vucevic, who can stretch the floor or light up the low block and Evan Fournier, who honestly can score from anywhere on the court. Slow the game down and this team will suffocate opponents.

Denver Nuggets


The Nuggets are probably going to be the league’s most watchable team in 2018-19. There also the most fun squad to rock with in 2K. Everybody on the roster can shoot. Most everyone on the roster is athletic, except for Jokic, who’s unstoppable, so it doesn’t really matter. And you have a bench lineup that consists of Isaiah Thomas, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr. and Trey Lyles. See this is the type of squad, you can run up 100 points with in six-minute quarters.