Next Stop 4 Jalen Hurts

If Stevie Wonder watched a quarter of Alabama football during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, he’d tell you the sound of Jalen Hurts overthrowing a receiver was painful. Despite the glaring accuracy difficulties during his reign as the Crimson Tide’s starter, Hurts was a winner who used his legs, poise and grit to lead the team to 26 victories before his junior season and two national championship appearances, including a title in 2017. I mean, we have to give him credit for last year’s national victory over Clemson, right? Even though, he was replaced by the guy who should’ve been starting, Tua Tagovailoa aka Hawaiian Russell Wilson/Steve Young aka the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner aka “I’m Just Better Than You, Brother,” he participated in a half of the game.


Though the writing has been on the wall since Tagovailoa signed his letter of intent, head coach Nick Saban wanted to be diplomatic, refusing to name a starter entering the 2018 season even though everybody and they mama knew who it was. Despite the outcome, Hurts stayed. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. I imagine he wanted to get his degree from Alabama and thought there was a glimmer of chance he’d be able to finish out his career as the starter. Now that he isn’t, he has at least has one more year of eligibility after this season. So let’s get into it, where are the best transfer destinations for Jalen Hurts?




Hurts is from the state of Texas, Channelview to be exact. With that being said, he’s not a better passer than any of the current quarterbacks at any of the Power 5 schools in the Lonestar State. No, he is not better than Kellen Mond, Sam Ehlinger (who is very spotty), Shawn Robinson or Alan Bowman. And he’s not better than D’Eriq King (Houston), who I think could compete for the Heisman in 2019 or Mason Fine (North Texas). I don’t care who Texas State’s quarterback is, but I do know he’d lose his job the day Hurts stepped on campus. With that being said, Hurts had some success in the SEC and would easily dominate the Sun Belt Conference. Choose wisely.




We’re really pushing Hurts’ return to Tejas, so this time we’ll have him relocating to Dallas, where he’ll star at the University of Highland Park aka SMU. For one, the Mustangs stink. Secondly, they couldn’t even pay students to sit inside Gerald Ford Stadium for a couple of hours on a Saturday. Ain’t no Eric Dickerson's or even Courtland Sutton’s on that roster at the moment. But maybe, just maybe, they could fill a few more seats with a former national-championship winning signal-caller manning a revitalized Pony Express.




Shits and giggles, my friend. If you want to see a perfect scenario that would force the state of Alabama to engage in its own civil war then imagine Hurts starting at Auburn in 2019 and defeating Bama in a low-scoring game. The state would explode. Paul Finebaum would be forced to take shelter with the number of Joe Dirt-esque Crimson Tide fans calling in to talk about their plans to poison more trees in Auburn and it would be a shitshow. This probably never happens, even if Jarrett Stidham leaves early but we can dream.




Chip Kelly and Jalen Hurts sounds like a match made in heaven from a system perspective. Much easier throws for Hurts in a spread out offense that relies on a physical running attack, lulling defenders to sleep with RPOs and wearing down defenses with its hurry-up style. The Bruins’ current quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson father doesn’t seem to like the fit in Westwood. Enter Hurts, who could takeover from Day One.