LeGoat James?

I never thought I’d say this but I have to concede; LeBron James is the best all-around basketball player of all-time. See with Jordan, all I have is Hardwood Classics and a few memories from early childhood (absolutely breathtaking to this day by the way). And while I’m a die hard Lakers fan who has watched almost every game of Kobe’s career thanks to NBA League Pass, I can admit “King James” is the King of the court.


Please believe, I never wanted to push this narrative. I didn’t grow up saying I was a witness to his exploits like the masses. I never once believed he was imperfect and beyond ridicule. But LBJ has forced my hand. Time and time again, this man’s back has been up against the wall, and he has found a way to deliver. We’ve watched him lead teams much worse than the 2017-18 Cavs to the NBA Finals. Shoot, he carried a team with Big Z and Larry Hughes as the most reputable members of the supporting cast to a finals appearance (2006-07) when he was only 22. If you questioned his jump shot, he answered by improving his percentages, developing a unguardable fadeaway jumper and becoming a lethal 3-point shooter. If you jeered at his failures and what Skip Bayless would call a “lack of clutch gene,” he responded with a host of playoff buzzer beaters and by becoming arguably the best late-game hoops player in basketball. He helped turn around the narrative and land huge contracts for countless NBA castoffs like J.R. Smith, who was labeled a gunner who didn’t give a damn and Tristan Thompson, who despite being a top 5 pick had to learn which hand to shoot with. Though I can admit, “Bron” forces players to adjust their style of play due to his ball-dominance, something everybody can’t do, his game also helps players find their niche, which leads to a ton of team success. Jesus turned water into wine, and there’s proof that Bron turned misfits into winners.


During the 2017-18 season (his 15th in the league), James played all 82 games for the first time, averaged 27.2 points, 9.1 dimes, 8.6 rebounds and shut down any talk of him slowing down by willing a Cavaliers squad (who went through an extreme makeover in the middle of the season) to the NBA Finals -- his eighth consecutive trip. Check please, debate over, nobody’s done or is doing that in year 15 whilst facing the same amount of adversity LeBron is facing. Forget all about him being 6-foot-8, (arguably) 260 pounds and the most freakish athlete to ever grace the hardwood. Disregard his record in the finals, which may be hard but necessary in order to be objective in this debate. This arguments is all about the overall body of work as an individual. Compare these numbers with your favorite player’s, look at the amount of records he’s broken and will break very soon and factor in that he has the ability and toughness to play in any era -- yes, the Jordan Rules wouldn’t apply the same against a guy of this size. There you have it folks, THE BEST PLAYER PERIOD. PS: He doesn’t have to win a championship this year for this take to be solidified.