A Guide To Summer Hoops

With the NBA’s season coming to an end this past June, basketball enthusiasts need something to satisfy their thirst for action on the hardwood. Lucky for all of you, summer basketball is here and 4MP is going to lead you to the promised land.


  • TBT Tournament Championship game (August 3rd)


64 Teams and $2 million on the line. You can feel the energy on the floor, as several legendary college stars and former NBA players will be competing for the grand prize and a chance to put out so much individual film, a new contract comes calling. A safe space for obsessed hoops fans, this tournament includes Jimmer Fredette, Ronnie Brewer, Paul Harris, Hakim Warrick, Josh Selby, B.J. Mullins, Jared Sullinger and more. Overseas Elite reigns supreme, having won the last three tournaments but only time will tell if a new squad is ready to take the crown.


  • WNBA Season in Progress


If you’re looking for fundamental basketball while keeping cool, the women’s game fits your fancy. The Minnesota Lynx and Los Angeles Sparks have continued to win throughout 2018, and we might be in for the third consecutive WNBA Finals featuring these two juggernauts.


  • NBA Summer League Las Vegas (July 6-17)


The Orlando Summer League is no more. All 30 NBA teams will now be competing in Las Vegas for the first time ever, as the plot for the summer’s heavyweight title thickens. Never short on excitement, the summer league provides fans with a first-look at the league’s rookie class and is a perfect place for fringe roster players and budding contributors to showcase their growth and compete at a high level.


  • Big 3 Championship Game (August 24th)


O.G. hoopers don’t die, they get fat and go play in the Big 3. Featuring some of your favorite NBA players from yesteryear, the Big 3 returns for its second season and is hoops heaven for those who witnessed the NBA pre dress code. "We feel like we have the professional version of 3-on-3; FIBA and the Olympics are focusing on the amateur version of 3-on-3 basketball," BIG3 founder Ice Cube told ESPN. Premium hoops with a playground feel, the Big 3 features the likes of Baron Davis, Metta World Peace, Kenyon Martin, Chauncey Billups, Amare’ Stoudemire and a host of other former NBA stars whose posters likely hung in your room growing up.


  • Pro-Am’s In progress through August


Whether battling on concrete or the hardwood, there’s nothing that rivals hoop lifers taking to storied courts and competing for summer bragging rights. As neighborhoods come together to enjoy the beauty of basketball in 90 degree heat, plenty of leagues will be in session, including New York’s Dyckman and Hoops in the Sun, D.C’s Goodman League, Seattle's Crawsover, which is hosted by Jamal Crawford and Los Angeles’ Drew League (arguably the most popular today). As pure as 106 & Park and tall tees, the Pro-Am’s draw huge crowds, as you can expect to see plenty of the league’s notable stars going back to where it all started while sharing the courts with overseas ballers and local legends.