Hysom Zarroug

Gimme The Bag: NBA’s Richest Rookie Sneaker Deals

Hysom Zarroug
Gimme The Bag: NBA’s Richest Rookie Sneaker Deals

Gimme The Bag: NBA’s Richest Rookie Sneaker Deals


10. Marvin Bagley III – Puma

5 years / $12 Million

Welcome back, welcome back, wellllllcome backkkkkk (Mase voice) Puma basketball. In 2018, Puma resurfaced and added a ton of juice to its roster, signing DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Ayton, Terry Rozier & last but not least if we pocket watching, Marvin Bagley III. Tell all the old-school players who rocked with Walt Frazier & them that the Clyde Court Disrupt is back with a vengeance. All Puma needs to do now is drop the lows 4 the culture.


9. Ben Simmons – Nike

5 years / $13-15 Million

It’s a Klutch thing baby. Rich Paul wouldn’t have allowed anything else for one of his star clients. There’s no signature shoe on the horizon for the young Simmons, so I fully expect Nike to keep throwing him in whatever generic Hyperdunk or Zoom REV TB, until LBJ and Klutch make him the first player signed under LeBron’s Signature Nike line (Me looking into my crystal ball).


8. John Wall – Reebok

5 years / $25 Million

Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance, flex to the left throw some money out ya hand, we do it for the city and we do it for the fans to ball like Wall boy you gotta do the dance, everybody hit the John Wall, John Wall. Reebok had John Wall out here looking crazy in those preposterous Zigtech basketball shoes. Luckily it only lasted until 2013.


7. Grant Hill – Fila

5 years / $30 Million

Big Ups to G. Hill for winning Co-Rookie of the Year in 95’ in a pair of Fila (shared the award with J. Kidd). Hella hella retro appeal. So much that he inked a lifetime deal with Fila to help revive the retro push they got going. We see ya’ll in your Forever I Love Atlanta’s. Shoutout to Li’l Scrappy.


6. Carmelo Anthony – Jordan Brand

6 years / $40 Million

When Melo inked his Jordan Brand deal in '03, I damn near cried. Like, it seriously couldn't have been a more perfect match. The Denver Powder blue made all Jordan fans go ham, as it resembled the Carolina Blue we were accustomed to seeing. And at the time, I thought the Melo 1.5s were the waviest shoes. Not even going to front, I was too jealous of my homeboy Maurice (Lil Daffy) for having em in the White/Red that matched our Team USA AAU jerseys. Long Live Melo, Free Melo & black men don't cheat.


5. Vince Carter – Puma

10 years / $50 Million

Shout out to the old heads in the game who can remember Vince Carter aka “Half Man Half Amazing” signing with Puma immediately after the 98’ NBA Draft. Bruh, was clearly not feelin it because Carter left Puma after one season, trading the mountain lion for a Nike check and becoming the face of Nike Basketball Shox — a shoe he retroed this past season with the Hawks. All flames. Keep getting them checks Vinsanitiy.


4. Allen Iverson – Reebok

10 years / $60 Million

“Yo check 'em out, its the new A5's you gotta rock em. They even put a zone in the league to try to stop him. He's the Answer and the problem, you don't want it with. The way that boy go to the hole and take punishment”. Thank you Jada. A.I. will forever own most iconic signature Reeboks of all time. And you wanna talk bout practice? PRACTICEEEE?! Not the game, but practice?!


3. Kevin Durant – Nike

7 years / $60 Million

The KD’s have been a successful signature sneaker since the jump. Now on shoe 12, Nike doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. I personally love em and would like to be included in this PJ Tucker deal where Nike and KD send shipments of retro KDs to hoop in; Sneaker God Tucker loves em so much he admitted to dropping 30K on a single pair of KDs.


2. Zion Williamson – Jordan Brand

7 years / $75M

The new face of Jordan has arrived in the form of a 6-foot-7, 280-pound athletic marvel. Can’t say I saw this coming. Thought the Nike move was a done deal after starring at Duke. Some sources say he even left money on the table to link with the Jumpman, truly showing MJ forever resonates and his pull is as strong as ever. I’m sure Michael Jeffery enjoyed his six daily cigars a lil more on July 23rd after this deal became official.


1. LeBron James – Nike

7 years / $87M + $10M Signing Bonus

THE KING. After a ridiculous number of successful (yet hella bulky in my opinion) sneakers , Nike said F’ it, here’s a billy now yo ass if with us for life. Still the think the Zoom Generations were the best one to date. Once I get my hands on the Wheats, it’s over for clowns.