Hysom Zarroug

Takeaways From HBO 'Hard Knocks' Season 14 Episode 3

Hysom Zarroug
Takeaways From HBO 'Hard Knocks' Season 14 Episode 3

Takeaways From HBO ‘Hard Knocks’

Season 14 Episode 3

  • Chuckie’s the fucking dude. Love how he backed Antonio throughout the episode. AB’s a star. He doesn’t need training camp. He’s in better shape than everybody else in the league, and once the whistle blows and the game starts, he’s the best player on the field. You keep your job by winning games, not by setting the tone as a hard ass. 

  • I deadass think AB’s been missing days because he wanted to see his kid’s first day of school. He’s a family man. It’s fathomable. Also, every great player embodies negativity and uses it as an edge to excel. Dudes make up underdog narratives all the time as a motivational tool. It’s not merely an athlete thing. Most of the world's successful are crazed humans who share this ideology. Bruh went from sleeping on park benches in Liberty City to being the richest and greatest pound-for-pound receiver in football.  He's different. 

Sidenote: Many of your favorite athletes are just like you; superstitious and quirky. Damn the slight chance that you make it to the professional level and earns millions of $$ -- which brings on a host of other problems. You have to be crazy to play football. There’s absolutely nothing sane about indulging in a gladiator sport where large men mimic car crashes every 30 seconds. As bizarre as AB’s helmet situation sounds, it’s 

  • I’ve never seen anyone act rationally over their Madden rating. Kudos to Darren Waller. All I heard from the exchange between him and the Madden Rating Adjusters was, “wait till you see me.” Glad he’s clean. Your work environment, mixed with several other factors, can lead to things like addiction. It’s something that exists in every workforce. We’re rooting for you, Darren. Get it in. 

  • I’ve got a question. How does Mike Glennon fix the 8-feet tall problem? Is there reconstructive limb surgery that can make him a little smaller? If so, would that make him a better quarterback? A man’s eyes tell no lies, and I don’t give a flying fuck about these preseason touchdown tosses. 

  • Miss me with the “white guy doesn’t look like an NFL player” narrative. Have you seen Breshad Perriman’s hairline? His was removed before he stepped foot out of college. Had the dreads too like Stevie Wonder. Back to Renfrow. He’s a baller. I’m not about to do that looks lunch pail, grit shit. 

  • I’m not watching an offensive series of Raiders football this year without glancing at Luke Wilson’s calves. It’s impossible now. I know I’m not alone. 

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  • If we can run good looks with good players, we’re going to get great results. Gruden’s the fucking best. 

  • Is Vontaze Burfict dropping scientific knowledge? That’s what the Arizona State degree gets you. I swallow all my gum. My shit comes out seamlessly. 

  • Drew Rosenhaus is making every fucking penny. You can say what you want about him, but that guy earns his money and does right by his clients. There’s a reason he’s the best in the biz. 

  • Mayock pump-faked during that interview. There’s not much you can do in the AB situation. You’re on the hook for five figures a year, and you’ve got the best wideout in football. It’s Year 1, and a decision on whatever he does is out of your jurisdiction. His job is more secure than yours in this cutthroat business we call football.