Hysom Zarroug

2019 NFL Power Rankings: No. 16 New York Jets

Hysom Zarroug
2019 NFL Power Rankings: No. 16 New York Jets

2019 NFL Power Rankings:

No. 16 New York Jets

Some people legitimately think Le' Veon Bell got the short end of the stick by sitting out the 2018 season and then signing with the Jets. Like people who took years of math and still don't see the logic in passing up a one-year deal with no insurance for long-term stability and a pocket full of cash whether or not you can make it through 16 games. I'm not here to persuade you into understanding how brilliant a move Le' Veon made. That's a given. I will say this. Put him next to Sam Darnold, and you have one of the best backfields in football for the next couple of years.

There's no tailback in professional football like Le' Veon Bell. His running style is one of a kind, as he employs a rare type of patience to lull defenders to sleep before popping out of the backfield and speeding through an open hole.  He's a willing blocker who loves the opportunity to ring opponents' bells' in pass protection -- look at the clip from this year's Hard Knocks. And he's an exceptional route-runner who makes life easier for his quarterbacks with his ability to catch passes out of the backfield.  In his first 62 games, the tailback rushed for 5,336 yards and caught 312 passes. That's some nutso shit. Like some Marshall Faulk, Roger Craig-type shit. Say what you want about Le'; just don't diminish his greatness.

I've been a massive fan of Sam Darnold since his freshman year of USC. Like obsessed with his tools as a quarterback. His ability to make plays off-script and huge arm reminds me of Aaron Rodgers.  He's calm under pressure, has never seen a moment too big and isn't afraid of the New York Media. After a solid season as a rookie in 2018, he's set to light the world on fire. Quincy Enuwa, the team's swiss-army knife is finally healthy after an oft-injured campaign a year ago. Jamison Crowder is a slot machine who gives defensive backs, nickels, and linebackers hell with his combination of quickness and intelligence. And Robby Anderson, the team's fastest and best receiver, has wicks.  You know, the Florida style of freeform dreadlocks that sort of looks like Lisa from the Simpsons' hair. Ya, Darnold has the weapons to set the league ablaze. 

Fireman Ed's defensive unit has talent. And a lot of it. Leonard Williams, Quinnen Williams and Henry Anderson round out a destructive defensive line that should make life miserable for opposing running backs.  New York put a massive bag on C.J Mosley in the offseason, making him the highest-paid linebacker and rightfully so. Now the secondary. The secondary is where things get exciting. Jamal Adams is a tone-setter whose leadership and ability to play in both the box and deep middle make him a nightmare to gameplan against. Trumaine Johnson still has it. And Marcus Maye is a playmaker who complements Adams exceptionally well. Don't sleep on the Jets. 

Offensive Players to Watch: Robby Anderson, Quincy Enuwa, Le’Veon Bell

Defensive Players to Watch: Quinnen Williams, Jordan Jenkins, Marcus Maye 

Fantasy Players to Watch: Le’Veon Bell, Robby Anderson, Jamison Crowder 

Verdict: This is a stepping stone for Adam Gase and the boys. They’ll catch a few opponents by surprise. Win more games than last year. And start building toward contending for a Super Bowl in about two years. 8-8