LocalLuv: Artist, G. Perkins

Name: G. Perkins

Age: 25

Location: Dallas, TX

Instagram: @gmxntality



1. When'd you realize you had an artistic gift and what made you decide to turn painting into a career?

- Although I’ve been an artistic person my entire life, it was such a big part of who I’d always been that I didn’t realize I had a gift until the very end of 2015. Once I realized I could actually paint, I chose to make it my career because creating is the thing that comes most naturally to me. It just feels like what I’m supposed to be doing.


2. Where are you from, tell people a little bit about your background?

- I’m from Dallas (: Hamilton Park to be specific. As an adult, I’ve also spent time living in New Jersey and New York (that’s where the hustle came from lol)


3. How does geography and your upbringing play a part in your work?


- I think that geography and my upbringing play an enormous part in the work that I create. I grew up in the hood, but went to school Pre-K through 12th grade in the Richardson school district (suburban, predominately White), which created a really dope duality in my life. Most of my work, although vibrant and dream-like, is inspired by real nigga thoughts. A lot of the time, it’s like I’m translating my “possibly offensive to the general public” concepts into visual representations that everyone can relate to.


4. Which artists are you inspired by and who'd you look up to growing up?

- I didn’t expect to be an artist, so I didn’t necessarily look up to any artists while growing up, but now my favorites are Sue Tsai, Yayoi Kusama, and a myriad of musical artists ranging from Prince to Young Jeezy. My work is definitely more inspired by music than other visual art.


5. Where has your work been featured and what are your long-term goals in the industry?

- Official Trapxart Dallas flyer

Trapxart Dallas


Curtis Mayz “Swangin” “Bankroll” “TripleDiziac” and “Real Life Raps” cover art

Mic Riley “Forever Groovy” cover art

Le Reine Noire #PassTheMic series

Reverb Vol. 1 by 808DTX


Modern Day Good Vibes Festival

Royal Hemps (Bishop Arts District)

Culture Club (Trinity Groves)

The Creative Canvas Tour

- My long term art goals are to host at least 1 show a year that gives attendees a great artsy hood time, do more out-of-state work, and create more really large pieces.


6. How would you describe Dallas' arts scene?

- I’m not really heavily into the Dallas visual art community because I like to do my own thing, but from what I’ve seen… if I’m being 100% honest… it’s kind of boring lol. A lot of artists “on the scene” aren’t challenging themselves to bring something new to the table, and the more innovative artists are typically lowkey. The potential for it to be great is definitely there though.


7. What are some of your favorite pieces to date and why?


- My top 4 favorites are my untitled column piece, Le Lumiere ( B&W Times Square), Transcendence (with galaxy triangle), and an Egyptian/Alpha inspired commission.

Each of them is on my favorite list because they have so many layers of meaning and speak to people’s higher Selves.


8. Where’s the best place for people to check out your work?

- On Instagram @gmxntality or my website, www.gmxntality.com



9. What’s your creative process like and how'd you go about perfecting your vision?

- After being hit with inspiration for a piece, I typically spend a few hours looking for reference pictures of the individual elements to help with positioning, lighting, and proportions. From there, I sketch my idea on paper, transfer that sketch to the canvas with pencil, go over it with sharpie, then finally start painting lol. I perfect my vision by being really honest with myself. I’d like to think I have a pretty good eye for art, so if an aspect of a painting doesn’t look right to me, I keep working on it until I’m genuinely satisfied. Because this can sometimes take a loooooong time, I used to overlook some things that I didn’t like, but as I’ve grown as a person and artist, it’s much more satisfying to completely execute my vision.

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More from G. Perkins