Hello Summer ’18,

Do’s and Dont’s To Protect Your Natural Hair


Sundress season is finally here!  As excited as we all are, this is a crucial time for us natural hair queens.  Yes, the sun is our God-given melanin activator, but just like our skin, if your hair isn’t  protected properly it can cause some problems. The summer heat will open pores in our scalps, which allows products, chlorine and minerals to be heavily absorbed. 


It’s best to try and stick to organic products that you trust and to develop a healthy summer regimen.  Try some of these tips below to keep your curls poppin’ all Summer ’18!




  • STAY HYDRATED: Water consumption will increase your energy, relieve fatigue, promote weight loss, flush toxins, clear skin and most importantly moisturize our curls and roots from the inside out while combating dry and brittle hair.  Water also helps with thinning hair and dandruff. This list of benefits could get crazy, so I’ll make a long story short. DRINK WATER!


  • TRIM SPLIT ENDS:  Prevent loose ends from traveling up the hair shaft and damaging the hair.  It is recommended to trim every four-to-six weeks.


  • PROTECTIVE STYLE:  Give your curls a break from the direct heat. Try some Marley twist, wigs, braids, flat twist, etc.  Short term styles should be left in for 5-7 days. Long term styles can last up to three months with proper under hair care.  Limit the manipulation, limit the damage.



DEEP CONDITION:  Conditioning between wash days helps keep your curls in shape.  Let your conditioner really penetrate your hair follicles and try to add 30 mins of covered heat with a plastic bag and hooded dryer or a deep conditioning cap.


PRE-SOAK: The most effective trick, no matter if you wear your hair down or not for swimming is to saturate your hair with distilled water before jumping in the pool. Your hair will absorb less salt or chlorine if it’s already “filled” with distilled water.  There’s no need to saturate your hair in conditioner or oils and what not prior to swimming in the pool. 


TRY A HAT: Kinky, coily and curly hair can be unpredictable, especially in humid conditions. Throw a hat on, a great accessory for camouflaging bed head, date night, or a day of fun in the sun.



  • BLOWDRY: During these warm-weather months, limit the use of the blow dryer AND straightener. The humidity in the hair can cause it to take longer to style, which means more damage!  Liberally apply heat, protect the strands beforehand and try a finishing serum IF YOU MUST USE HEAT.


  • TRY TO ESCAPE THE FRIZZ: Embrace it.  When styled properly frizz can become your BFF and add volume to your hair.   


  • FORGET ABOUT UNDER HAIR CARE: Hair butters could weigh down your hair, decrease its volume and suffocate it. Water based products are a better choice.  If you wear wigs or a protective hairstyles, you shouldn’t neglect using cream or oil to moisturize and refresh your scalp, refraining it to get itchy because of the sun.


  • FIGHT NATURE: Warm and sticky weather can cause your heated styles to flop quickly, going from “yay” to “nay”.  Try a wash-n-go or a style the works with your natural hair texture.


  • USE TOWELS: Towels are too rough on hair and cause breakage and dryness.  Use a T-Shirt or Microfiber towel.


  • TIE TIGHT: They're convenient and cute, yes, but they could lead to traction alopecia, or hair loss caused by styles that pull on your scalp. Instead of tying tightly, aim for loose braids, buns, and ponytails, and let your hair down before going to sleep at night.


Naturally Yours,

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