The Natural Hair Travel Checklist

We’re all catching flights instead of feelings, right?  Okay well, it’s time to make sure we are packing the right things.  For all my product junkies, there is no need to bring your entire arsenal, however, you’ll need a few of the essentials. Use this Natural Hair Travel Checklist to make sure your curls are taken care of properly during your travels:

  • Satin Scarf/Pillowcase - Just because you’re on vacation or away from home it doesn’t mean your curls are taking a break!  WRAP YOUR HAIR EVERY NIGHT. And if you know there might be some nights where it’s harder to keep that promise to yourself, invest in a satin pillowcase.  No matter how turnt up or turnt down you are, your curls should be a priority. Wrap it up on vacation.

  • Cotton T-Shirt/Microfiber Towel - If you plan on swimming, hot tubbing or even washing your hair away from home, be sure to bring a t-shirt designated to drying your hair properly.  Even a couple days of using a towel to dry your hair could cause damage. Don’t do it sis (or bro).


  • Ponytail Holders/Headbands & Bobby Pins - Bring extra, these tend to disappear.  These get lost easily and there is nothing worse than having to buy another pack, knowing you have a bunch at home.  Ponytail holders are so convenient, get your hair up off your neck, use them for a style or just keep one on your wrist I.C.E.  A headband can instantly save a style gone wrong, trust me. Bobby pins are life, no explanation necessary.


  • Swim Cap - I know what you’re thinking, and believe me I get it. These definitely aren't the cutest things on the planet but if it limits the amount of chemicals, chlorine and other gross things from penetrating your hair follicles and scalp, it’s somewhat worth it.  Slowly reveal those healthy bouncing curls when your done swimming, while everyone else is looking like WhoshotJohn.


  • Travel Sized Products - Don’t be that person that has a brand new jar of Mielle Organics Leave-in Conditioner thrown away at TSA. Purchase some travel sized containers from Target, Walmart or Amazon for all your favorite products and oils.  Remember if you’re flying keep it under 3oz and in a plastic bag or just toss them in your checked luggage.

  • Styling Tools:

    • Rat-tail comb for parting

    • Wide-tooth comb or Denman brush for detangling

    • Toothbrush for taming edges

    • Brush for smoothing


  • Spray Bottle - Rehydrate dull curls in the morning without soaking or re-wetting your whole head.  When using a spray bottle you evenly distribute your moisturize, perfect for moisturizing and re-twisting the hair daily before bed as well.


  • A Hat - Bad hair days happen, it’s all about how you deal with them.  Don’t let a bad hair day consume too much of your energy while your away from home.  Grab a sun hat, fitted hat, a visor or a dad hat and keep it pushin'.


                         be great sis