Hysom Zarroug

Lookin 4 A New Quick Hair Growth Method....

Hysom Zarroug
Lookin 4 A New Quick Hair Growth Method....

Crazy Ass Natural Hair Growth: The Introversion Method


My late night scrolling led me to something crazy a few months ago, The Inversion Method.  Supposedly, this is the secret to QUICK HAIR GROWTH.


Check this out, here’s the instructions:


  • First, massage oil into scalp - This promotes growth by “waking up” hair follicles, which increases blood flow while also helping regrowth.

  • Next, turn your head (body) upside down for 4 minutes -  I’m serious. Like, literally hang over the side of your bed for 4 whole minutes.  Of course, you don't want to exceed the time limit and have too much blood flowing to your head, but ironically, the fact that you get the blood flowing is the entire point of the process.



Easy enough? That’s it. Repeat nightly for three months and track your progress. It may work for you!


Personally, I tried this method over the past few months, and the whole time I was thinking it was somewhat helping contribute to my growth (a little part of me doubts that it really works). I’ll say this though: My hair loooooooved the daily attention, but it took some getting used to being upside down for so long, LOL.

Overall, the scalp massages were a nice additive to my routine, but did my hair grow 11 inches because I was acting like a bat for 4 minutes? NOPE.


Try it, record your results.  Best of luck!

Naturally yours,

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