Hysom Zarroug

Pattern Beauty - Holy Grail Or Hell No?!

Hysom Zarroug
Pattern Beauty - Holy Grail Or Hell No?!

Pattern Beauty - Holy Grail Or Hell No?!

Tracee. Ellis. Ross. From her #TBT role on Girlfriends to the Black-ish mother we all know and love, Tracee Ellis Ross is #hairgoals and a #iconliving! Needless to say, jaws dropped worldwide the moment she announced Pattern Beauty via a stunning IG post.

It should come as no surprise that the curly queen herself has formulated this goodness to share with us, seeing as how the social narrative surrounding natural hair has taken on an almost overwhelmingly positive tone.

I'm just happy to see yet another black women-owned hair-care line for people with curls ranging from 3B to 4C textures.

The Pattern Beauty collection includes one shampoo, three large conditioners with varying slip, a leave-in conditioner, two serums, a large strong-hold hair clip, a shower brush, and a microfiber towel. The products are meant to work in synergy with one another, but they can also fit into any existing hair-care routine. I found it weird that there are no stylers offered, like a gel or curl pudding.


I was hype to get my hands on the collection the moment it dropped at Ulta. After going to a couple of stores, I was finally able to grab the hydration shampoo, intensive conditioner (with the pump), and jojoba oil serum. Now let me say, Tracee and I have two different ideas of affordable when it comes to hair-care. I'm not super excited about spending $50+ on three products, but I had to support sis.

Now, with all my excitement and love for Tracee, I think I hyped everything up and got a lil too excited.


Wash the Pattern

I started by sectioning and detangling my hair with a Denman brush before massaging a quarter-size (or 2) amount of the Hydration Shampoo into my scalp. My first thought was how it smelled like AXE body wash, weirdly enough I love that smell, I've just never used a shampoo that smelled like it. The formula felt thick, but runny in my hand; it lathered nicely. The shampoo has some hydration elements to it, and you can feel it! My hair felt soft and squeaky clean, not stripped or dried out. On a scale of slip from 1-5, I would give it a four because it was a different type of slip! A slip, I've never really felt before, it's hard to explain, but it was a thick slip if that makes sense. I was super geeked to get my deep condition session started because the shampoo gave me a lil more life than I expected.


Condition The Pattern

First things first, let's have a moment of silence for the build and scoop accessibility of the giant 29 oz Intensive Conditioner! (4 seconds of silence.....) I'm screaming "Thank You Tracee!" for recognizing that we don't use the pump on these products! I need generous scoop instead of pumping eight rigorous pumps. The joy I felt unscrewing the "pump" lid and scooping a nice handful of conditioner in my palm was magical. I worked it onto my sections, paying extra attention to my ends and my finger detangling. This conditioner stood out to me because it had more of a thick whipped consistency, kind of like whipped marshmallows. It also has a strong but super, super pleasant floral scent. PRO TIP: Apply the conditioner to wet/damp hair and finger detangle it through. Once my hair was sufficiently coated, slipping nicely, I used my denman brush to keep my hair detangled and simultaneously spread the product more evenly throughout my hair. My strands started to bounce back into the perfect little corkscrews. I chunky twisted my sections, put on a plastic shower cap, and sat under the steamer for 15 mins. THAT is my game-changing technique if you aren't adding heat when you deep condition, you've been wasting your time. The steam is what helps your hair "eat" the product, and my hair ate this damn conditioner up like good groceries! Thank me later....or in the comments.


Style The Pattern

Unfortunately, the leave-in conditioner was sold out. But I used another leave-in conditioner from Aunt Jackies and massaged three drops of jojoba oil serum in my scalp before using eco styler flaxseed and JCO gel to a rake n' shake a wash n' go (If you want a tutorial, let me know in the comments). I air dried, then used my diffuser to complete the drying process, yet another game changer! My wash n' go definition was amazingggggggg! Like for real, Tracee spent some money on researching exactly what curls like mine need! In my opinion it was because of how clean and hydrated my hair was!


Final Thoughts

It's a "Holy Grail" for thick tight coiled curls! I have 3B - 4B curls all over, and I've never had softness, hydration and definition like this ever, especially with a wash n' go! My love and respect for Ms. Ross did not influence my thoughts of these products, they are well made, and it shows when used properly. From the scent, consistency, hydrating properties, product size, slip, and packaging, I was sooo pleased with my experience using Pattern Beauty, it was well worth the investment. Hopefully, during phase 2, we'll get some stylers, a lil mousse, or edge control? Who knows!?

How do you like the Pattern Beauty Collection? Like I said, if you would like to watch my experience with Pattern Beauty LMK!