Hysom Zarroug

Where Are They Now: Netflix Original Jailbirds

Hysom Zarroug
Where Are They Now: Netflix Original Jailbirds

Where Are They Now: Netflix Original Jailbirds

Toilet-bowl romances, complicated sentences, fights and betrayal. Netflix’s wildly popular docuseries Jailbirds delivered, giving viewers insight on life when both sexes share the same “correctional” facility. Want to know what happened to the stars of Sacramento County Jail after the cameras stopped rolling? Scroll, my damie.

Megan "Monster" Hawkins


Age: 28
Charge: Grand theft auto, transportation of narcotics, possession of controlled substance, check fraud, committing a felony while on bail

The price of fame is no walk on the beach. Just ask Monster, who found herself back behind bars after getting slammed by law enforcement's chode thanks to her newfound celebrity. According to Elk Grove police, a woman tried to open a checking and savings account with another person's ID. Upon the attempt, a banker recognized Hawkins as that "one shorty from the show" and called the authorities.  They later found out the car she was in was also stolen, found more credit cards, and now she's back in Sac Country ready for Season 2.


Aaron "A1" Ellis

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 6.13.36 PM.png

Age: 25
Charge: Great bodily injury, corporal injury to spouse

I’m going to be quite frank. Off first glance, there weren’t any questions about A1’s guilt. I totally judged the book by it’s cover, and the verdict clearly reads guilty as fuck. He did have the women though. One of them being Monster, who he stabbed and found his way to Sac. County over. With both incarcerated, A1 decided to rekindle his relationship with Tayler, an inmate who he had been “seeing” during his last stint in jail. "Tayler's just, I just feel like out of everybody that I talk to in here, like, she's worth it to me," he said. "And, uh, when I was out, she was telling me she was talking to people on the [toilet] bowl. I mean, I just respect that about her. She doesn't do, like, sneaky shit." Nothing and I mean nothing screams loyalty like informing your man on your toilet-bowl relations. Records show that he's been transferred to state prison, where he won't be up for parole until 2024. Oh, and he had a wife, too. She was coming through on visits.


Daniel "Dolla" Carter

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 6.13.14 PM.png

Age: 21
Charge: Attempted murder

Dolla had so much game, EA couldn’t even handle the boy. A renaissance man, $$ went above and beyond to prove chivalry is alive and well. My boy literally confirmed that $200 dates are frivolous when you’re versatile, taking the old-school approach by gifting his women homemade jewelry and woohing them with Kites straight out of a Zane novel. Dolla got locked up for attempted murder, and was on his Lou Will, balancing Ebony (who was married on the outside) and Katrina. The two ended up fighting over him, with Katrina winning the war, landing Money Man once the two got released. I don't know if they're still together, but their social medias are now private.


Rebecca "Baby Girl" Temme


Age: 36
Charge: Murder and robbery

It doesn't matter if you're locked up or not, the game is filthy. Babygirl, an inmate, incarcerated on murder charges after being accused of killing her wife with her new man/co-defendant found that out in the filthiest way. Now Babygirl was locked up with her sister Shayna -- who was behind bars for threatening the same woman her husband robbed while on a jailhouse call with said husband -- and the two seemed to be looking out for each other on the inside. That was until Shayna swooped in and started a toilet-bowl romance with Babygirl's man. Anyway, Babygirl and her co-d were convicted of the murder and are expected to be sentenced on June 28. Told you this shit was filthy.


Najla "Noonie" Jones

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 6.16.21 PM.png

Age: 27
Charge: Pimping and pandering

The legendary Fillmore Slim set the standard for pimpin' in Northern California. Noonie followed in his footsteps, using the Sacramento soil to get her "Money Mike" on. Arguably my favorite character, Noonie runs with Monster, and the two showed us how to make "pruno" aka Jailhouse Wine.. She also built a reputation for letting her hands do the talking, having entered the series with four fights to her name. With the cameras rolling, she added a fifth one to her resume, squabbling with former friend Ebony due to her relationship with Squeeze, who shot at Ebony's husband with her daughter in the car  -- I don't know man, but that sounds like grounds for beef to me. Anyway, Noonie is still jammed up. Free the pimp.