Blueface - Respect My Crypn

Los Angeles, CA

Twitter: @bluefacebleedem

If you grew up listening to Hyphy music, you’ll enjoy Blueface. His voice is rather distinct, and the L.A native’s music is honestly hard as hell. His unique cadence makes every bar count and you’ll find yourself running back all the outlandish/witty bars he drops. I’ve been listening to boul for almost a week, and he’s already becoming one of my favorite up-and-coming rappers. Don’t be surprised if you see cuzz in the next Sprite commercial next to LeBron. Dude has what it takes to make it in this climate of rap.



Hero - The Juice

Calgary, Canada

I think I shared this song on a playlist when we initially launched, but that’s neither here nor there. If you’ve ever dated a succubus -- and if you need to look up the definition, please do so -- this song will describe everything you went through. Sure a lot of ya’ll can relate to the effects of good ______ , so this song is 4 my lovers. The not so quiet storm.



Shy Glizzy - 30s, 50s, 100s,

Southeast D.C.

Twitter: @ShyGlizzy

Glizzy’s Quiet Storm mixtape was quietly one of 2017’s better releases. It sucks that we always have to use quietly when referencing a Glizzy project, but he’s easily the most underrated rapper out. Honestly, I haven’t heard the TreySeven-based emcee miss since he jumped on the scene and beefed with Chief Keef several years ago. With a field-goal percentage that would make any hooper at Barry Farms oooh and ahhhh, Glizzy comes back with another compilation of bangers with his newest project.  If Young Jefe doesn’t blow in 2019, and I mean actually blow -- not just a couple of hits that don’t land him where he should already be -- then I’ll be damned, moe.



Summer Walker - Just Like Me

Atlanta, GA


I’m not here to debate who’s better between Ella Mai and Summer Walker. In my humble opinion, they are both great artists with amazing pens. With that being said, this song blew my mind. Go to azlyrics.com, read the lyrics and then listen to the song. It’s amazing and I’m sure there are a lot of people who could relate to this.I know I did.

PS: She sounds a lot like Amy Winehouse on here.



Rich Kidz - They Hate it

Atlanta, GA

Before the Migos and right around the time Travis Porter started poppin’, the Rich Kidz were taking off, bringing a unique style that embodied what we see from today’s Atlanta artists. This song is an anthem. Honestly, the whole 24/7 mixtape is an anthem. Everybody who’s out here hustling has experienced the hate that comes from left field. Shit, I know there’s a few people who are hatin’ the way we turning up right now.