Kodak Black - If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin

Pompano Beach, FL

Twitter: @KodakBlack1k

You can dislike Kodak, but one thing you won’t do is deny his talent. There aren’t too many people in the game as talented as a songmaker/storyteller or as brutally honest as Luh Kodak. He doesn’t paint pictures, he picture paints.  Ps: Every time he mentions his patna Cool in a song, you know Kodak’s in a zone. Kodak came out the slammer and fed us perfection.



Drakeo The Ruler ft. ALLBLACK - Blamped

Los Angeles, CA

Twitter: @IamMRMOSELY

Drakeo’s currently locked up in LA County jail fighting a murder charge and an attempted murder charge from a 2016 incident in which he’s said to have plotted to kill South Central rapper R.J. The emcee has since maintained his innocent with R.J. even vouching for him. Despite all the legal troubles, Drakeo’s one of the hottest on the West Coast. Play this song in the whip, roll the windows down and if you don’t start hanging out the window, you can comment below and verbally berate me.



Sharna Bass - Buss a 9

London, UK

Twitter: @SharnaBass

I don’t know what it is about London that produces beautiful women with beautiful voices and captivating pens, but Sharna Bass is another one from across the pond that fits the bill.



Shakka ft. Aluna George - Man Down

London, UK

Twitter: @iAmShakka, @alunageorge

I’m honestly shocked that I like a song where the word “lad” is used multiple times, but bro this jawn is so damn smooth. I can’t even dance but I’m in ya girls face hitting all the dance moves to this joint. It’s a bop.



Lil’ Wayne - Uproar

Hollygrove, Carrollton, Eagle St., the 17th Ward of New Orleans

Twitter: @LilTunechi

It didn’t matter what Wayne said on this track, my shoulders started shaking uncontrollably as soon as the Special Delivery instrumental dropped (Thank you Swizz). If you’re getting older and ya shoulers don’t move like they used to, hit the chiropractor. You’re gonna need them for this.



Dough Van Gogh - WTF

Buffalo, NY

Twitter: @DoeyVanGogh

This some playa shit. Playas never worried about the rumors or all the talk, if it doesn’t concern me, you can miss me with it. S/o to Dirty Logan Ent. and the Loganberry Movement, a lot of wavy shit coming from that camp