Kehlani - Piece of Mind

Oakland, CA

Twitter: @Kehlani

I know I’m late, but I just got put onto this song this past weekend. With that being said, HOLY SHIT. I’ve never heard a song about heartbreak and suicide sound so uplifting. The instrumental Kehlani floats over on reminds me a lot of Amerie’s “Why Don’t We Fall in Love,” so despite the painful lyrics, the song offers a ton of happiness. I’ve dabbled in a bit of Kehlani’s music prior, but this may be the selling point for me. I’m officially a stan.



Da Baby - Blank Blank

Charlotte, NC

Instagram: @dababy

Not about to advocate for violence, but it seems like we always hear rappers bragging about what they’d do if somebody ran up on them. According to the stats, this is usually a lie. Just check the amount of chains that get stolen on a yearly basis. This isn’t saying anybodies soft, in most of these instances, you should give up your shit. All I'm saying is, stop the lying, there’s just no need. Obviously the Charlotte native Da Baby aka Baby Jesus, isn’t one for fabrication, actually practicing what he preaches, as he wound up taking the life of an attempted robber who tried to run up on him at Walmart this past week.  Enough about this, though. The song Blank Blank is hard as hell. Punchline heavy, a lot of quotables and Da Baby is really out here finessing beats. Tune in, he’s about to have a monster 2019.



Yella Beezy - Sinner’s Prayer

Dallas, TX

Twitter: @YellaBeezy214

Whenever you see @HalfPintFilmz, just know that the music video you’re about to watch is coming from somewhere around the DFW Metroplex. S/o to those guys over there, they’ve been working for what it seems like 10 years now and been doing a helluva job creating visuals for Dallas/Fort Worth artists. With that being said, Yella Beezy is out here doing his best 50 cent impression, shooting the video for Sinner’s Prayer while still recovering from being shot a few weeks back. Yella’s in his bag on this one, telling his own raw/gritty story. Good to see him getting back to work quickly. Dallas has to protect Dallas, and Yella Beezy might be the D’s next big thing.



Peewee Longway - On Dat Freestyle

Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @peeweelongway

First time I heard this song, my brother Shinda sent it to me and I was driving home. As soon as the beat dropped and Longway started eating, I rolled down the window, stuck my head out of it like a dog and proceeded to not give a damn about anyone else’s safety. This shit is wild. It’s like every time you start sleeping on Longway, he drops something that wakes you up and reminds you, he’s easily one of the best in Atlanta. The world gotta stop ignoring this guy’s talent, he’s too damn good to be underrated. Longway Longway.



J.I.D. - 151 Rum

Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @JIDsv

I know J.I.D. fans are gonna hate this, but let’s not act like he doesn't sound exactly like Kendrick. From flow to tone -- the little alien voices included --  J.I.D. sounds like the first thing spit out of the Kendick factory. Don’t get it twisted though, his style and content is undeniable and should lead to a mass mainstream following. Honestly, the only difference between the two is one is from East Atlanta and the other is a grammy-winning artist from Compton. Enjoy the music.