Tory Lanez ft. Gunna - Miami

Toronto, Ontario

Twitter:  @torylanez, @1GunnaGunna

Each week, I hear a new song that makes me pause and say, “damn this is really the best song of year.” Well this week, it’s Miami x Tory Lanez. He floated on this track. Not only did this song resonate with me from a content standpoint (talked a lot about the trials and tribulations he went through on his way to success, and yes I too might have a warrant, so I put my shit in sport) but he completely washed Gunna, who actually put out a really good in itself. Wasn’t a big fan of Tory’s before this project, but I might be on the wave now.



Freddie Gibbs - Willie Lloyd

Gary, IN

Twitter: @FreddieGibbs

The chemistry between Gangsta Gibbs and Curren$y is undeniable. They really set each other up like it AO throwing a lob to Half Man Half Amazin’ at the And-1 games. With that being said, Spitta was smart to sit this track out. Put Gibbs on any Alchemist beat, and that raw, unfiltered Gangsta shit will make you feel like you riding shotgun next to him with the ski mask. Ski mask music and cold weather go together like hood chicks and hot cheetos.



Roddy Ricch - Every Season

Los Angeles, CA

Twitter: @RoddyRicch

Roddy Ricch can’t miss right now and if you’re not familiar, you better hurry up and jump on board -- he just released a new mixtape, Feed Tha Streets 2. Dude is a master with the melodies and the content always hits home. 2019 is going to be huge for the LA native.



Matt Ox ft. Chief Keef - Jetlag

Philadelphia, PA

Twitter: @mattox__, @ChiefKeef

4MPHyAli has tried to shame me for listening to Matt Ox. Shit, I’m not happy with myself for liking lil dude -- He said he used to play Sonic on his uncle’s N64, so I know he’s lying out his ass in his raps. Let’s get to the point. Matt Ox is hard as hell. This shit is hard as hell. Keef spazzed on this and so did Ox. This lil asshat looks like a muppet, but the music is undeniable.



Molly Brazy - Tea Party

Detroit, MI

Twitter: @MollyBrazy

Molly Brazy epitomizes the new Detroit sound. A lot of punchlines, and these fast-paced rapper friendly instrumentals that allow the artists to go dumb. This is an absolute banger. She came with it on this one and has a really bright future.