It's Another 4MP Featured Guest Playlist: VK Edition

It's Another 4MP Featured Guest Playlist: VK Edition

It’s Another 4MP Featured Guest List: VK Edition

In this hella diverse edition, 4MP gave our brother, Virinchi Kanneganti, the keys to the whip. Please believe he went off, enjoy.


1. Afe Ato Yen Bio - Defrank Professionals

Big up to all my West Africans out there. You already know what time it is. This song is for y’all and y’alls aunties that make the bangin’ Jollof Rice.


2. Try Love Again - The Natural Four

Public Service Announcement - Please make breakfast tacos for the people you care about. c'mon man.


3. I Don’t Wanna - Aaliyah

I spent $24 on the Next Friday official soundtrack solely because it’s the only way to get this song on vinyl. I regret nothing. Aaliyah singing, Timbaland on production, and Missy’s songwriting - basically the 07 Phoenix Suns without dirty Donaghy tampering.


4. Sometimes - Bilal

If how I feel 97% of the time could take song form - this is it doggy. I listen to this, and I swear I can lift a Honda Civic over my head easily whilst convincing Jorja Smith to take my last name. At the same damn time.


5. Friendly Skies (feat. Ginuwine) - Missy Elliott

Oooooooooooo this that real real auntie hour music. That late night get right music. What happens after a bottle of Vino and an 11 p.m. at home showing of “Chocolat” music. This that we fa sho getting breakfast tomorrow you feeeeel me music. This that dim the lights how you really really really feel music. This that no checked bag “baby i’m on my way” right when the plane touches down music.

please listen responsibly.


6. I Know - Lil Boosie

This is folk music don’t @ me. Boosie and Bon Iver are two sides of same quesadilla dog. A trap house lonely too and this is all about that pain. I wouldn’t listen to this more than five times a week unless you’re gonna wake up with a bald fade and a pocket full of dirty dirty money.


7. Up 2 U - Dreamcast

If you’re not smiling when you hear this, you’re deadass a serial killer. Big facts. If you hear this and don’t have the urge to move, you should check into a hospital my guy. There’s no way you can dislike this and have a present heart. This song is prolly what actually made The Grinch’s heart grow big and Cindy Lou just finessed for the clout. I saw her interview on VladTv about it.


8. Top Off - Gunna

I listen to this song everyday for real for real. Ironically it’s either when I’m on my bike or on the bus. Don’t let that fool you, trust that I still pull out my chain when this blesses the headphones. Hopefully one day… day god’s plan you know you know i’ll have the top off playin top off.


9. Am I a Good Man - Them Two

When I inevitably start my life over as a 17-year-old Dominican baseball player and I make it to the big show - the :05 - :35 mark of this song will be my walk up song. I promise I’ll put up Jose Canseco juice-juice numbers. You might as well order the #45 Pablo Trabajo All-Star jersey right now.


10. Purple - Nas

This baseline is so gahdamn funky it makes a single tear appear in my eye like Denzel in Glory. If it’s below 40 degrees and I play this joint -  I swear Timbs just appear on my feet and a Dutch appears in my sock.


11. On Choppers - Big Pokey

This song is basically like the beauty and pain of eating a whole rack of ribs. This song makes my ankles feel swollen. I can straight up hear the Type 2 Diabetes in my guy’s voice. This song makes me feel like I can buss down a 20-piece McNugget so swiftly. Every time I hear, I feel like I’m at a birthday party CiCi’s Pizza- it’s wonderfully nostalgic and beautifully dangerous.  


12. Ela Pratiu - Tim Maia

This song is basically a Brazilian James Brown cover of Top Off by Gunna. I have no clue what this man is saying but I can feel it in my bones. This song makes me feel i’m down by 7 with 1:30 on the clock and got a Westbrook-sized chip on my shoulder.


13. Wild Irish Roses - Smino

This was the first song of a playlist I made in early February called “Sad Timbs.” I don’t know what that says about me or about the song., but it helped me through the coldest darkest parts of winter much like an auditory version of exceptionally warm mittens.


14. Enjoy Your Life - Oby Onyioha

On everything, if you bump this song every time you take an L - there is no way you won’t be above .500


15. Trap Digits - Creek Boyz

I don’t go to traditional church on Sundays. However, I do listen to this song back-to-back-to-back with my hand over my heart and sincerely wish well for my haters and enemies.


16. Suite Haus - Makaya McCraven

This man drums like Jamal Crawford plays basketball. So smooth, so fluid like a Koi Fish waterfall. Full of grace and poise like a young Michelle Kwan. When I send memes or shop for gently used size 13 Jordans when I’m at work, this album is my soundtrack.