4 The People: James Shaw Jr.

All heroes don’t wear capes, some wear durags. Judging by James Shaw Jr.’s hairline and slight ripple of waves, I think it is safe to assume his durag is his cape. In addition to bravely wrestling a rifle away from the Waffle House shooter, he also donated the $165,000 he raised in a GoFundMe account to help the victims of this tragedy and their families.

We tend to place celebrities on a pedestal, calling them heroes, only to wind up disappointed by the lack of empathy or ability to see things from an average human perspective. When you hold a human to a certain standard, you’re bound to be let down in some form or fashion. Though James Shaw Jr. doesn’t have the social status of a celebrity and doesn’t want to be seen as a hero, he is one in a lot of people’s eyes, including mine. “When I sit down with my kids and I sit down and talk to them about role models and who I want them to look up to, I tell them to go look up James Shaw Jr.,” said Dwyane Wade when he met Shaw Jr. during The Ellen Degeneres Show. His courage, compassion and giving heart are something we all should covet as people, and if you can’t find inspiration to be better in this man’s actions, I don’t know where else you will find it.