Young Thug ft. Elton John - High

Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @youngthug

I typically try to put artists who aren’t as mainstream on these lists, but this song actually made me grab my lighter, flick it and wave it around in the living room at 6:30 in the morning on a Monday. Thugger did it again.



YBN Manny - Manned Up


Instagram @ybn_manny

If you were wondering who the latino lookin’ boul in all of the YBN videos was, his name is YBN Manny, the first cousin of Nahmir. He’s not really saying anything on this track, but this joint rides. Play it in the car and go dumb.



The Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze

Cincinnati, OH

Twitter: Man these fools are old, they ain’t playing on the Internet like that, but @TheRealRonIsley still has one.

I can’t even lie to ya’ll. I was in a weird ass funk before I heard this song. Played it maybe 5418414700383 times on repeat and a new man sprouted from the depth of my self pity. The guitar solo on the end is arguably one of the greatest ever. Enjoy.



Saweetie - B.A.N.

Hayward, CA

Twitter: @Saweetie 

Whether I’d drink Saweetie’s bathwater like it’s the last form of liquid on earth is neither here nor there (I would without question). And have you seen her mama? Sheesh, bruv. Ok, enough, I’ll relax. This song is good and she’s continuing to get better. You could pencil her in for a big 2019. You’re going to hear this name a lot.



Joe College - Right Back

Neptune, NJ

Twitter: @Lowcollege

If you know me, you know I’m from this small city by the Jersey shore called Neptune. Joe College hails from the Tune too. I’ll tell you this: We got one baby!!!  Late night riding with ya shorty, turn this on and let the music do what it do.