Hysom Zarroug

10 Takeaways From Pose Season 2 Ep. 5 w/@NotHomegworl

Hysom Zarroug
10 Takeaways From Pose Season 2 Ep. 5  w/@NotHomegworl

10 Takeaways From Pose Season 2 Ep. 5 w/@NotHomegworl

Hey cousins! If you’re not watching Pose on FX not only are you baldheaded and ashy, you’re missing out on one of the most heartfelt and entertaining stories on TV right now but fear not! 4MP has got you covered. Here’s 10 takeaways from the latest episode with guest contributor and Pose stan, @NotHomegworl

  • We must protect Damon at all costs.

  • Elektra is a cold bitch. A bad bitch, but a cold bitch nonetheless. Mama’s got the nurturing comfort of a nest of wasps. Just mean. 

  • Blanca does no wrong in my eyes. Mother of the year, decade, century. 

  • I fully see Damon and Rickey bumping uglies once again. My recommendation? NO MA’AM! He doesn’t deserve your time or your buss, sugar. Be “friends” (whatever the fuck that means) and let it be that. 

  • REST IN PEACE MISS CANDY!  Your legend and hammer live on.

  • Stop killing Black transwomen, real and fictional. PERIOD. 

  • A cute appearance from ballroom legend Kelly “I’m here for the shit!” Mizrahi. Hey girl!

  • I WISH THAT BITCH WOULD HAVE TRIED HITTING DAMON WITH THAT MF HAMMER! Elektra is presenting herself to be way more of a villain than i perceived in season 1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stress of the white man rotting in her closet or her  jealousy of Blanca and her family drives her to do something very ugly in the future that may or may not lead to her undoing. Hopefully she has another come to Jesus moment and gets it together. 

  • Alright so at first I really didn't care for the Angel & Papi romance storyline but the more they interact the more i’m ok with it. Give him a taste, sis! 

  • “Nothing Compares 2 U” is such a jam.