Hysom Zarroug

10 Takeaways From HBO's Euphoria Ep. 6

Hysom Zarroug
10 Takeaways From HBO's Euphoria Ep. 6

10 Takeaways From HBO’s Euphoria Ep. 6


  • I think I hate McKay’s story because it’s all too real. I also hate it because it’s entirely too cliche. Not a huge fan of the whole black athlete pushed by overbearing father concept. For one, you never hear stories about black fathers giving their children career choices,  and they just so happen to grow up to be athletes. That shit actually exists. It’s somewhat lazy.

  • Tyler is in a fucking neckbrace with a detached retina. If he assaulted anybody, street justice already prevailed. The cops in this fictional town are like the ones in real life: fucking bozos. 

  • McKay thought getting in deep with a white fraternity was going to be all beer bongs and date-rape drugs. He found out the literal hard way. When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes (thanks Notorious D.E.V.). You are a NEGRO, sir! 

Bonus: On a serious note, I’m pretty sure the sodomy scene had several parallels to slavery and the mental somersaults caused by oppression. Black man fawns over white woman. Black man gets assaulted by group of white men while engaging in intercourse with white woman. Black man feels emasculated and doesn’t know how to project his feelings so he lashes out by forcing woman into awkward backshots to mask the pain.

  • I cackled when they told Papa Fluid and The Fluid 3 they wouldn’t be allowed to dine at their establishment due to Nate’s actions. Deliver those peasants’ food to the car!! Your service isn’t welcomed here.

  • Lex transformed into Bob Ross, and his superpowers came with the costume. Bob Ross saved Cassie from ending up on the Summer Jam screen. 

  • Daniel following Cassie throughout the party seemed mad rapey. Watching her drink and then leading her upstairs seemed even rapier. And I definitely thought he was going to commit the act in the room. Thankfully he didn’t. He did, however, go full Real World, switching into “when people stop being polite and start getting real” mode. Mckay alluded to Cassie lacking depth several episodes ago, but this was just mean. 

  • Kat does too much, and her storyline annoys me. Shorty has two whole bodies and has the nerve to tell Ethan she doesn’t fuck virgins? You are a virgin-adjace, toots. You’re forcing the hell out of this whole edgy thing, and honestly you need love that micropenises can’t give you. Ethan’s trying to treat you like a Queen and insecurities are going to prevent it? Let the hurt go!

  • Ethan accepted the challenge, burying himself in a faceful of Kat’s poontang pie. My mans was putting on a show, preparing to plunge into some fluffy BBW cakes before he suffered the Jim from American Pie fate. Listen bro, there is no shame in jerking it before you leave the house. You never know when you need to be full cocked. 

  • I hate Jules has to deal with Rue’s wack ass. I also hate that Jules was forced into lying on Tyler to save herself from being blackmailed by Nate. Shit is rough out here. 

  • Nate must die. I don’t give a fuck how.