Hysom Zarroug

10 Takeaways From HBO's Euphoria Ep. 7

Hysom Zarroug
10 Takeaways From HBO's Euphoria Ep. 7

10 Takeaways From HBO’s Euphoria Ep. 7

  • Euphoria features a buffet of trash-ass men. I knew we were problematic as a gender, but gotdamn, watching HBO serve a variety of garbage entrees makes it resonate much more. Cassie's pappy was on the menu in this past episode, and we really got insight on her daddy issues, the creepy-ass uncles and why she's always falling for men who only date her to Kim K and Ray J her. Her mom may be a jealous, unstable, vindictive alcoholic and the bane of home's demise, but seeing her pops go from ever-present in her life to a deadbeat junkie who only communicates when he needs to pawn the family's china blew my mind. How can one feel loved by the opposite sex when their first impression of a man involves one who cares more about his next fix then sending a text message to his seed? Cassie never had a chance.

  • McKay reacted to Cassie's pregnancy like anybody worth their 15-piece lemon pepper from WingStop. Yes, I understand that women are inherently connected to what’s inside THEIR bodies and being cognizant of that would have been much better. But what do you expect? He’s broke. A struggling freshman athlete. And doesn’t even know how to get over the fact his woman fucked other people before him. Does that sound like a prime candidate for fatherhood? Sounds to me like him and Cassie would be doing nothing but repeating the vicious cycle that led to her confusion in the first place. Only this time, the home would be broken before it’s even built. McKay also knows his parents aren’t interested in raising his jits. He mentions how pissed his parents would be multiple times. Although, Cassie’s mother warned her previously not to get pregnant, I had a feeling she knew it was inevitable. It's not his choice but what would you do if your son was at home crying all alone on the bedroom floor cuz he’s hungry? I wasn’t going to miss the chance for a City High bar. Jersey in the building.

  • Jules returned to her old stomping grounds, met up with an old friend and enjoyed the most fluid time imaginable. HBO fucked with us by putting Nate in that mouth-humping scene. I don't care what kind of drugs Jules was on. Don't do that shit, HBO. You know better than to play with my emotions and put bitchboy in the scene. I almost donkey punched the Tv. I hate Nate, man.

  • We are not poking fun at addiction, but watching Fez's grandmama's pills take human form and yell "Eat us" at Rue had me screaming. That's the perfect representation of addiction. I hate it had to be so fucking funny.

  • Yo, what is up with Rue, her mother, and all these Caucasian men? First of all, Rue's mom is fine. Rick looks, acts and sounds like Drew Bledsoe meets Dilbert. What 40-year-old man puts "forever young" on his Tinder profile? What 40-year-old man even has Tinder? Get a family and in the immaculate words of Rue, "go fuck yourself."

  • This episode emphasized how little I knew about depression. I've battled through it for years and have had my fair share of debilitating bouts while submerged in my own war, but I had no idea the effects it could have on your bladder and kidneys. I was disgusted with Rue at first, not understanding what caused her inability to pee, but I'm more sympathetic after having it broken down to me by a friend. Often, we don’t understand how depression adversely affects a variety of people. What I like most about this show is that it isn’t afraid to go there. The writers find comfort in the uncomfortable and instead of glossing over things that directly impact our society, Euphoria takes things to the extreme, forcing you to sit down and process exactly what’s going on.

  • It wouldn't be an episode of Euphoria if we didn't see one penis, right?

  • Holy fucking shit, Daniel done did it again. The previous episode ended with Daniel spotting Kat in the function after going full bitch ass on Cassie. You never want to go full bitch ass. It comes back to bite you, I promise. He then smashes Kat, who just got ate out by one of only three decent dudes in the series, Ethan. I wasn't ready for what happened next. Kat solidified her not being built for this shit by telling Ethan she thought she'd lose her virginity to him? Flabbergasted, I was. The drunken Daniel replies how he didn't remember they dated for FIVE MONTHS IN SIXTH GRADE --- I was yesterday years old when I figured out this was the same Daniel, who dumped her after she returned from her Pina Colada binge on vacation. And there Kat was, red nose sitting prominently in the middle of her face and bozo emboldened on her forehead. Please stop the edgy shit.

  • Back to Kat. Anybody else feel weird about her getting nakey for Darth Vader? These writers are tripping sometimes.

  • We got a more in-depth perspective on Fez and his situation. Didn’t think it was possible to hate Rue even more, but here we are. I understand Rue sees Fez as a confidant and vice versa. You just don’t bring that type of bullshit to people’s front door, thinking everything’s going to be vegan buffalo wings and Chance The Rapper bars. Scare Nate with one of Fez’s guns? You should know better than to put people you “care for” in stupid-ass situations. Fez has actual shit to worry about. Like taking care of his bedridden grandma and paying the mortgage, which all can’t be done without him running a successful trap. He does what he has to do to get by. Rue’s blatant disregard of her friend’s well-being blew me away, but what can you expect from a narcissistic jackass. Anyway, Fez does what any friend would do: Confronts Nate about the situation and tells him there will be consequences for his transgressions if he continues with the bullshit involving Jules and Rue. Hoe-ass Nate went full Hoe ass and called the authorities, blowing up the trap. Who does that? The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the grimey ass tree. Fuck Nate.