Hysom Zarroug

Takeaways From FX's Snowfall Szn 3 Episode 7

Hysom Zarroug
Takeaways From FX's Snowfall Szn 3 Episode 7

Takeaways From FX's Snowfall Szn 3 Episode 7

  • Yo, my homie Ju's homie is the dude who introduced Melody to crack. I'm going to have to have a conversation with that mf. My bro 4MPHyAli thought that was his girl. He thought!

  • Who would've ever thought Papa Popo would be enlisting the help of Franklin Saint? Boy, life has a funny way of shitting on you. Andre tried to lock Franklin up for good and then wound up needing the boul to find his daughter. Imagine dreaming about your enemy smashing your daughter and then waking up to see your car stolen and said daughter nowhere to be found. Ain't that bout a bitch?

Sidenote: The kitchen scene was the truth. First and foremost, Spook Who Sat by the Door and Pimp by Iceberg Slim are classics. I've yet to read, but I've heard stories about their importance throughout my life. Secondly, Franklin's family looked like the Crack Kingpin Cosby's (from the show) before Andre barged in. 

  • The young boul who told Franklin and Leon that Mel had left with Wanda is going to be useful soon enough. I don't know how, but eventually, he's going to slide into a crucial role. Keep those ears ringing, my guy. It pays off. 

  • Franklin's refusal to believe Melody fell victim to crack had me feeling a type of way. He knew the effects of the drug he was distributing throughout his community. He also genuinely believed he was making money hand over fist off a drug that only caught hold of the weak. Many adhere to that ideology, not understanding that drug addiction is not just a product of social Darwinism but an illness. Franklin finally understood the ramifications of his actions once crack hit close to home. It's going to be interesting to see how he moves going forward. 

  • El Oso did not come to play with you HOES!! There are no games! You fuck with his people, and you get dealt with quickly. Yo, when he threw his brother's girl's babydaddy out the window, I gasped. Oso not playing with you hoes, bruh. 

  • I'm ready for Wanda to die. I do not care how cold that sounds. She's nothing more than a burden out here. She looks awful and crack has her in a chokehold. Her days typically consist of harming folks, getting folks harmed, humming the ABC's on anybody’s nuts who has a rock and smoking. People are redeemable, I truly believe this, but baby this is TV so vindictive ass, hating ass, divisive ass Wanda Must D-I-E. 

  • Son. Melody really went to her job, smoked crack in every crevice of the establishment, ate and drank all the food and then got her ass beaten by Wanda over the necklace she got from her mother. If that isn't the worst-crack induced L. That left-handed punch was vicious, and she really kicked her in the face with skates on. Glad Melody got revenge.

  • The camera work in this episode was phenomenal. I mean fucking majestic. Every time someone got gripped up, you felt as if you were right there watching the action courtside. And the writing? The writing?! Bro, the good folks at FX were in the lab spazzing. To switch the episode from Franklin, Leon and ManBoy's search for Mel to Wanda and Mel's journey through Cracktopia was terrific. 

  • I don't care about Reed/Teddy's love life. He's also already gone rogue, so I don't get what going rogue again and indulging in another operation would do for him. You know what. You're hiding a child. 

  • Hate that Franklin had to drag Melody out of the crackhouse, but he needed to see the carnage. I said this in the last writeup. The crack epidemic is a direct byproduct of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan's ploy to exterminate African Americans. With Franklin understanding the government's involvement and now seeing the devastation, who knows what will happen next. The setup for the next episode was spectacular.

Sidenote: There's no way in fucking hell Melody gets to Spellman. Andre needs to move out of Los Angeles, go to a remote location, and stay with his daughter long enough to get her right. Honestly, I don't know the answers. I'm just talking.