Hysom Zarroug

Takeaways From FX's Snowfall Szn 3 Episode 8

Hysom Zarroug
Takeaways From FX's Snowfall Szn 3 Episode 8

Takeaways From FX's Snowfall Szn 3 Episode 8

  • There literally might not be a better-written show than Snowfall. I might be a prisoner of the moment, but I've watched Sopranos, The Wire, Entourage, all the best. John Singleton's final masterpiece feels different. The opening scene, representing Melody's journey via pipe hit me like a ton of bricks. Her appearance worsened. The appliances in her room vanished. Things got so bad, Andre tried to secure the window with wood. Snowfall highlights everyone from the dealers/their families, junkies/their families and how the entire community suffers. Excellent work.

  • Andre's hatred of Franklin isn't misguided. Franklin's the man behind the destruction of his community and family. It sucks because you understand why Franklin chose this route. He's brilliant, charismatic and it was one of the easiest ways to provide a better life for his loved ones. 

  • Fuck Kate Miller. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Teddy refused to run away with her and in turn she sabotaged the entire operation, starting with Andre. Of course, he's going to take the bait. He's trying to save the community one block at a time, but there's a problem with that — a Ronald Reagan problem. 

Sidenote: Reed was sent for!!!! Like legitimately sent for!!! What kind of Greek mythology shit is this. Temptress tried to lure him with the backshots. 

  • Teddy asking Franklin personal questions about love humanized the habitually stank-faced CIA Agent for a second. He knows his baby mama's crazy and is bound to her for the rest of his life. Solid advice. Shoutout to my boys in Detroit off teather. Sada, Michael from Love After Lockup. All them boys. 

  • Franklin won’t be able to go anywhere, not even Bella Noche. You are not escaping the CIA. The boys got you on the hook for life. 

  • Super Vigilante Police Man Andre let his emotions get the best of him. Instead of going on and minding his own fucking business, he took the bait. Listen, brother, what convinced you that going to Franklin's stash house, smashing everything in sight and then stealing the playbook doesn't come with repercussions? Let's see what happens to this dumbass. 

  • How do you work for someone and then get mad that their selling on your turf? Listen, breh, you're the underboss' underbitch. You have no say in any of the affairs or what happens on any blocks. The asshwhooping you received from Leon is between you and your Jesus. May God rest your soul. You've received no points for your tomfoolery.

  • The DEA mole came in sloppily, fucked-up Rego's bath and then spewed all this uninformed bullshit. Teddy's a ballsy motherfucker for relaxing while an angry, cokesman prepares to ratchet up a chainsaw. He's right. The bitch ass DEA is federal. The CIA, though. A higher power, my baby. Welcome to the show, Rego. Now you know who's really orchestrating the American drug trade. 

  • A black man mystified by the government's involvement in the destruction of his community, LOL. Nonetheless, one who works on the inside. Ignorance is truly bliss Mr. Tom Andre. It truly is, you tapdancing muthafucka, you. 

  • Wow. Wow. Damn Andre. You barked up the wrong tree, and the consequences were the consequences. We've got two more episodes of this shit, breh breh.